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Link sAUsage: 29 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Anthony Hall / Auburn Athletics


There's a lot of stuff going on in Auburn this weekend, and Everett has you covered with knowing what's happening and when! Be sure to pay attention to the Wheelchair Basketball Tournament!


The ladies lost in Athens last night, and honestly the less said about that game the better. It was ugly.


Auburn is ranked #1 and will face #3 Baylor in Auburn this weekend. That's one of the things listed in the above link, too!


In another Top 10 match-up, #9 Auburn will travel to face #10 Arkansas. How about all these spring sports where Auburn is ranked in the Top 10, huh? War Damn Eagle.


Three Tigers are Pre-Season All-SEC! Tiffany Howard, Emily Carosone, and Kasey Cooper made the list. We're just two weeks away from the opener of the 2016 softball season.


Auburn Equipment Manager Dana Marquez received a pretty big honor yesterday, being awarded the Maxwell Football Club's first award for "Innovation in Safety." He received that award for the awesome shoulder pads that Clint Richardson wrote about for us last year.

Peyton Barber isn't going to be alone as a former Tiger at the NFL Combine. Ricardo Louis will be joining him now, as well.