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Jordan-Hare Stadium Ranked Twelfth in College Football Stadium Experience

I guess we need to work a bit more on that whole "Best Experience in the Country" thing, huh?

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The website recently ranked all of the FBS football stadiums for just how good the "experience" was. Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium was #12 on the list, #4 in the SEC behind Alabama, Texas A&M, and Florida.

They say that they visit every single FBS stadium "every 2-3 years" to ensure they have the best information for each venue. You can go to their site-specific review for Jordan-Hare and see what they have to say about Auburn and Tiger fans.

Auburn is ranked pretty high on the list when you consider there are 128 schools currently in FBS. There's still a bit more work to be done if Auburn wants to be the "Best Gameday Experience in the Country," though.

How does the SEC as a whole stack up?

2) Alabama
5) Texas A&M
11) Florida
12) Auburn
14) South Carolina
17) LSU
23) Georgia
27) Mississippi State
40) Tennessee
55) Arkansas
57) Ole Miss
74) Missouri
84) Vanderbilt
90) Kentucky

Now that I've talked up Auburn's place in this rankings, I'm going to run down the rankings as a whole. It's important to note that they rank things like concessions, atmosphere, etc, but it's hard to really say Vanderbilt's experience is that great when most of the time the opposing team has more fans than Vandy does. Also, I'm as patriotic as you can be, but having Army at #19 and not far behind LSU? Yeah, no, probably not.

One thing I wish these rankings would indicate is when their last visit was. I would specifically like to know which game. The quality of opponent can do a lot to affect the atmosphere. So can game time. Anyone who has been to Auburn games knows that Auburn's game day atmosphere for an 11am kickoff is much different from when there is a night game.

Still though, it's fun to think about, and this is something I could put up to spark discussion during a lunch hour on a busy day back at work after the holidays. What do y'all think?