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Auburn Football 2015: The Season of Murphy

If it could go wrong for Auburn, then it probably did.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure you all know about Murphy's Law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. That's just about the best way I can think of to describe Auburn football.

The issues that plagued this season's Tigers are so numerous that I'm not even going to attempt to fit them into one post. It's going to take a series of them. So, with the season officially done, now is a great time to do it!

Over the next few days (I don't have a set schedule for when I'm going to do them; it's more of a "as I get the time and there are windows on the site), I'm going to discuss a number of topics for this year's Tigers.

It's important to note that I'm not going to be writing about these as excuses. Some of these, in fact all of these, issues should have been able to be mitigated through other means. Compiled together, they become a 6-6 record when we were expecting to compete for the College Football Playoff.

So what happened? Off the top of my head, here are the main ones I'm going to be talking about:

1) Off season attrition. This is through natural processes along with players transferring.

2) Early QB Struggles. This one is the most out-of-left field for the fans. None of us expected it to happen.

3) Carl Lawson's Injury. Auburn struggled mightily without Lawson for all of 2014. After one brilliant half against Louisville, we lost him again for a good bit of 2015.

4) Sean White's Injury. White was starting to come into his own when he got hurt. Find a rhythm with him and I think Auburn wins every game but the Iron Bowl following Arkansas.

5) Everyone else's injuries. From Holsey, to Tray Matthews, Austin Golson, Shon Coleman, Jovon Robinson, and Xavier Dampeer (more on that, next), Auburn suffered a number of injuries that slowed or hampered the team throughout the year.

6) Dukeghazi. We hoped Duke Williams would stay out of trouble. Then he was suspended in the preseason and before much of the regular season passed, he was gone.

7) The disappearance of the Hurry Up. Gus Malzahn's offense works best when it goes fast. Auburn didn't go fast. There was no #AuburnFast at all.

Are the other things you can think of? I'm sure I missed a few. If y'all come up with some good ones in the comments, I'll talk about those, too. I'm not sure yet whether each of the above are going to get their own article, and hopefully they won't all be written by me (there are a lot of other awesome writers here who are a lot smarter than me).

Maybe in the end we can unravel all of the problems and look at just how Auburn will improve in 2016.

War Eagle!