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Auburn Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele Introductory Press Conference Recap

Kevin Steele was introduced to the press as Auburn's new defensive coordinator, today. Here is a tweet-cap of the press conference. All credit to the writers that were there.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Auburn's new defensive coordinator made his first public appearance in that capacity today as Kevin Steele took over the job. He spoke with the press for a little while this afternoon.

Some highlights:

I didn't realize he had so many prior connections to Auburn as a fan and otherwise. Said he wore #7 because of Pat Sullivan and saw his first college game at Jordan-Hare Stadium. I knew about his brother working in the athletic department, but I didn't know his daughter was an Auburn graduate. He definitely appears to be someone with a connection with and love for Auburn.

He wants to stay at Auburn for a long time, maybe even to the end of his career in coaching. Here's to hoping he and the staff are good enough to see that happening. I wouldn't complain one bit if we have the level of success that leads to that type of longevity.

He was coy with the staff decisions issue, which is unsurprising. Hopefully we'll hear in the next few days who will be hired as position coaches. I imagine it will be soon as the dead period ends next week, and the final official visits of the weekend begin the weekend after this one.

He speaks the coach-speak language of "we have what it takes to win championships," of course. I do like that he says a lot of his terminology is the same as Will Muschamp's. The exact defense may not be the same, but it sure would be nice if the defensive players didn't have to learn a whole lot of new language. They've had so many defensive coordinators of the last few years that it has to get confusing. That can be one issues surrounding defensive struggles.

And now to the Tweets!

Holy shade there, James. Dang.

Ah yes, the displeasure of the beat writers with how close Gus Malzahn keeps everything.