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Link sAUsage: 7 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The season is starting soon for Auburn's team as they hope to make it back to the Super Six and continue increasing the profile of Auburn Gymnastics. See what the official site says about this year's team.


The official site has a feature on an Auburn legacy swimmer attempting to step out of the shadows of his siblings.


To get to the best parts, first. CARL LAWSON IS STAYING, WOOOO!!!!! That's about as good a bit of news as we could possibly hope to hear, right now. On the flip side, Shon Coleman is off to the NFL. That's completely understandable. He's been through so much, is already in his mid 20s, has under grad and masters degrees from Auburn, and is projected in the 1st or 2nd round. For a young man who has been through an incredible amount,  it's time he goes and gets paid. Read the official site's story about it, here.

The first of my articles on The Season of Murphy is up! I took on the topic of Auburn's attrition during the offseason through players leaving early, graduating, or just plan leaving and transferring. You can read my introductory post on the series, as well. I plan on putting together a Storystream to collect all the stories.

Want to know more about new DC Kevin Steele? has "10 things we learned" from his introductory press conference. ESPN says Steele brings "much needed stability" to Auburn on defense. He's said a lot of his terminology is similar to Muschamp's, so that will hopefully help.

What were the Top 5 plays of the 2015 Auburn football season according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. It's really six, though, since Kevin Phillips gets two plays in his section!

Who is ESPN looking forward to in the SEC in 2016 after this year's bowl season? Well, there's an Auburn running back on the list, and I think Auburn fans want to see more of him, too!