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Former Auburn Linebacker Travis Williams Promoted to Linebacker Coach

Coach T-Will is now OFFICIALLY Coach Travis Williams

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

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Gus Malzahn made it official today. After two bowl seasons coaching linebackers and recruiting while Auburn was in transition between defensive coaching staffs, Travis Williams earned the nod as the official linebacker coach for the Auburn Tigers.

Williams has been a defensive analyst at Auburn for the last two years. Prior to that he was the defensive coordinator at Creekside High School and the linebackers coach at Northern Iowa for a season, and before then he was a defensive grad assistant at Auburn.

Williams was a standout linebacker for Auburn during the 2003 and 2004 season. He was on a number of First Team All-SEC rosters following Auburn's undefeated 2004 season and was one of the key cogs in that dominant Gene Chizik defense.

By all reports Williams has been well liked by the players at Auburn. They've definitely responded to him well in the bowl practices. He's also apparently been a pretty good recruiter over the last two bowl seasons as he's helped hold Auburn classes together through the changes in defensive staffs.

Kevin Steele's background is as a linebacker coach. It's likely he'll help oversee the position as well. This gives Williams a perfect opportunity to perfect being an on-field coach underneath someone who has been a great coach of the position for a long time.

This should fill the last on-field spot for Kevin Steele's defensive staff.

War Eagle, and I can't wait to see COACH Travis Williams going through his first Tiger Walk as an official coach against Clemson next year!