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Auburn Falls 76-61 to Missouri

In possibly the ugliest game of the year, Auburn drops its first road SEC game.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

There's no other way to say this: that game was horrific.

I guess the one thing that can be said is that even though the game got out of hand at the end of the second half, Auburn kept fighting and clawing to stay in it. Mizzou stretched the lead to 19 a few times, and Auburn would cut it to 12-15.

Auburn just couldn't get out of their own way, and the referees were quick on fouls all game long. Kareem Canty had four fouls with over half of the second half to play. Tyler Harris had 4 fouls with just under 8 minutes to play. The trips to the free throw line in this game weren't quite as bad as they were in the Hawaii game, but Auburn was definitely called for more.

Mizzou is not good. It is increasingly obviously that Auburn is definitely not, either.

A stat was displayed at one point that Mizzou's bench was leading Auburn's 35-2. That's in part because Auburn's bench consists of Patrick Keim, Cinmeon Bowers, TJ Lang, and tonight a very limited New Williams with his knee brace and all.

Canty's shots weren't dropping that well. Bowers continued his inexplicable streak of being unable to make even uncontested layups. Auburn wasn't rebounding and when they tried, they were called for fouls.

Auburn's injury issue is a big deal, but there's still no way to excuse how sloppy Auburn plays at times. The Tigers turn the ball over at horrible rates, and Missouri took advantage of every opportunity.

Three Things We Learned or are Wondering:

1) Auburn is still a ways away from being a good basketball team. Maybe it's the injuries. Maybe Dunans, Purifoy, and a healthy Tahj Shamsid-Deen and New Williams would be enough to make them good. But right now Auburn isn't close to that. They do fight, though. Even didn't give up and while Mizzou was building a 20+ point lead in the final minutes, Auburn fought back to bring it under the 20 point margin. It's impossible to say for certain, but getting the team at full strength would likely have made a world of difference in the last two games, at least.

2) What is wrong with Bowers? Cinmeon has had great games scoring points. He's capable of really good games. His last few games have not been good. I really don't get it. With his size, layups right under the basket should be easy. He misses far more of them than he makes, though. I don't understand why he doesn't just dunk them, but maybe my limited knowledge of basketball just doesn't understand the situation. All I know is that there's no reason for Bowers to miss as many of those as he does.

3) Evidence is pointing to Auburn just being loose and sloppy when it comes to fouls. I pointed out that Auburn was called for far more fouls in this game. Sure, there are a lot of questionable calls in every game. However, there comes a point when it happens enough that you just have to start thinking that maybe Auburn just really is bad about fouling.