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How to Watch Auburn vs Louisiana-Monroe Live Online, Time, TV Schedule, and More

It's Homecoming on the Plains! Find out how to watch the game and talk about the early games

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With this being an earlier game, it's thrown off the publishing schedule I've used for the other games this season of predictions, how to watch, then the open thread. So, I've combined the first two posts into one, this morning.

First, let's get to the predictions. There aren't many of them for this game, because I don't think anyone really has a lot to say about playing the Warhawks.


Ryan Sterritt

This should be similar to the Arky State game. Rhett should get to try a few things calling plays and hopefully he gets comfortable this week, before we hit the big conference run. If the ULM offense scores more than two touchdowns, I'll be surprised. Give me 48-13 good guys.


Garbage time is a real thing and it makes predicting final scores in these games difficult. Auburn's offensive talent overwhelms lesser opponents. White should have all day to throw. I'll go Auburn 52-13.

Son of Crow

I think this might be the worst team we play this season, maybe besides Alabama A&M. That said, Auburn won’t have to do much to put the Warhawks away on Saturday. I think Sean White doesn’t see the field in the fourth quarter, and I think we see JF3 in the redzone most of the game.

War Eagle: half a hundred
Warhawks: 10

Dr Z

Homecoming cupcakes!!!!  The only question is will the LAMO's come riding in on a yellow school bus.

Remember losing to this team is like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 rolled into according to Nick Saban, and he would know.

Auburn 63
LAMO-  10


I think we may not cover, but it shouldn't be a problem. White looks solid. Auburn 41, ULM 10

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 44


Auburn might try a few things new in the red zone, but I think overall we won't see anything dramatic there until next week. This is a team that Auburn should be able to score on a few times from outside the red zone, just as they did against Arkansas State. ULM is coming off a bye, so they have a bit of an advantage, but they are not a very good team.

Auburn should be able to shut down their offense. It's extremely one dimensional with no real ground game, and I don't think their offensive line will be able to hold off Auburn's defensive line.

Auburn wins this one big, probably around 54-10.


When Auburn Has The Ball

ULM has the third worst rushing defense in the nation. This game could get ugly even if Kamryn Pettway sits out or barely plays. I expect we'll see a lot of Kam Martin and Malik Miller in this one, as Kerryon will have over 100 yards by half time.

Auburn should hopefully get the young wide receivers involved in this game and get them some good reps. We've seen Kyle Davis a few times in most games, but maybe we'll see more of Nate Craig-Myers and Eli Stove, as well.

When ULM Has The Ball

The Warhawks have a decent passing offense (as you would hope from a team with a mascot named after a World War II fighter plane. They don't have much of a rushing offense, though. Their QB is their leading rusher, and he has just over 100 yards total in the first three games.

Auburn will be able to shut down any running they may have - other than the QB breaking containment - and even if the QB gets loose, they should be able to track him down quickly. The defensive line will abuse their offensive line and get a lot of pressure to throw off the passing game, and ULM may not score until garbage time.

Unless, of course, Auburn blows a few coverages like they did against Arkansas State.

How to Watch, Stream, Listen

Time: 3:30 Eastern / 2:30 Central

TV: SEC Network Alternate

Stream: WatchESPN

Radio: Auburn Network

Stats: Auburn University Live Stats