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Hindsight is 20/20: The Road Warrior

Sean White loves wearing white.

He loves riding a bus, especially to po-dunk Mississippi
He loves riding a bus, especially to po-dunk Mississippi
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Our quarterback loves to play on the road.

Over the past two seasons Sean White has looked fantastic playing in someone else's stadium.  Going back to Lexington in 2015, he looks very comfortable picking apart home defenses.  He did the same thing in Fayetteville a few weeks later.  Auburn fans are beginning to see a quarterback mature right before us.  And as the passing game improves, it opens up a run game that featured a road grater of a back in Kam Pettway.

I honestly believe that Auburn's braintrust has realized that the defense is good enough that they feel comfortable about opening up the offense, and letting these young receivers make plays.

It is a pretty nice luxury to turn the ball over and know that the defense is good enough to bail you out.  We haven't seen that on the Plains since the W administration.

Auburn's defensive line is the best in the SEC right now.  Sorry, Bammers, I watched Arkansas roll up 30 points on the Bama defense Saturday.  Ole Miss carved up Alabama as well.  It's quite the role reversal to see Bama being the team that now has to outscore people while Auburn's defense smothers teams as our offense moves methodically down the field.

Carl Lawson is finally the Carl Lawson we all thought we would see, and Montravius Adams is just flat out dominating at this point.  Throw in some new faces and Auburn is nasty right now.

My only gripe from the weekend is taking our foot off the gas in the second half.  Auburn threw the ball only 3 times in the second half.  What resulted was only 93 yards for the Auburn offense.

That is really splitting hairs, however, when you consider that Auburn opened the second half with a 35 point cushion.

Next for Auburn is an off week, and a much needed one at that.  Kerryon needs to get well and Auburn needs to continue to polish the passing game.

Arkansas comes to town in 2 weeks after getting embarrassed at home.  They have given up 41, 45, and 49 points to teams with a pulse this season.  And it won't get any better for them with Ole Miss coming to town next weekend.

An Auburn win vs Arkansas will put the Tigers in shape to make some noise in the SEC West.  And let's face it, none of us thought that could be a possibility after week three.

Things are looking up, Tiger Fans.  I haven't seen Auburn empty Davis Wade stadium like that in 10 years.

War Eagle!