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Auburn vs Mississippi State Plays and Players of the Game

The staff weighs in on the game.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Barkley

On offense, Pettway had a bigger impact throughout the whole game, but Tony Stevens went back out there after his early mistake and more than made up for it with three big catches for 64 yards. Stevens is my pick.

Mississippi State is terrible, but it's encouraging to watch our passing game continue to improve. Hate to burst everyone's Netflix bubble over at ESPN, but Sean is still our guy.

Play of the Game (if we're judging solely on how giddy Rod Bramblett was...I had to listen to most of the game in the car) is Montra's scoop and score in the second quarter. That is a BIG boy, and this defense is deadly. I think they're going to give Arkansas' OL more trouble than people think in a couple of weeks.

Really, though. Carlson wins Player of the Game for this straight fire:

Dr. Z:

Easy this week:
Offense: Kam Pettway with an eye popping 39 carries.

Defense:  Lawson was unblock-able

Special Teams:  Carlson, who made a field goal, took a cheap shot on a PAT, then trolled the guy who did it on Twitter.

Ryan Sterritt:

The DVR didn't record correctly while I was watching my sister's 12U softball tournament, so I'll comment on the game I was watching instead.

Player of the game: #42, the catcher. She had a bomb of a triple in the first game, and nothing got by her behind the plate.

Play of the game: Honestly, that triple was pretty great. I used to throw batting cages to her a few years ago and she scared me then, I want no part of being in front of her now when she's hitting.

From what I gathered, I think the obvious answers are Carl Lawson and Kamryn Pettway. Does that sound right?

Son of Crow:

Pettway, but really the o-line was the player of the game. Sean had a clean jersey at the end of the game and auburn got push on every running play. What more can you ask for?

Defense: Lawson. Selfishly I really want him or Adams wearing a star on their helmet next season on sundays (sorry I'm a Cowboys fan). The whole d line had a heck of a game.


Agreed with the above, Pettway answered the bell when Kerryon went down.  He wasn't overwhelming but he got the job done.  The biggest surprise to me was how well Auburn threw the ball against a very decent Miss State defensive line.  They kept White upright, something we haven't done a good job of this year.

Defense: Lawson.  He was a wrecking ball.  That's what we've wanted to see this season.

Play of the game is definitely the scoop and score.  Watching Adams run makes me happy.


Offense: The entire offensive line. They opened holes for Pettway and kept White upright the whole game. Play-action helped because of run success, but they gave him a clean pocket on nearly every throw.

Defense: Carlton Davis. Fred Ross was a non-factor until a TD catch in the 4th quarter. Having a shutdown corner like that takes away an entire quarter or third of the field. That makes covering the rest really easy.

Play of the game: White's TD pass to Ryan Davis. Good call, great play design, but even better execution. Darius Slayton perfectly executed a legal pick. That was a veteran move by a redshirt freshman. Easy to see why he's on the field a lot.


Offense, I'm going to go with Pettway, as well. He was the bell cow, pounding the ball into the line over and over and doing exactly what Auburn needed to do. Honorable mention goes to Rhett Lashlee, who is calling some great games, this season.

Defense: Monty and Carl, both. They're playing out of their minds, and it's so much fun to watch.

Play of the Game: The scoop and score. I was so sad when Adams didn't get the one a few years back (I think it was the 2014 South Carolina game?), and was thrilled to see him get this one.