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Auburn Football Bye Week Open Thread

Auburn isn't playing, but that doesn't mean we can't still talk football!

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

If you're wondering what to watch this weekend while Auburn is off, don't forget that we've got a guide for you with every game there is and how to watch it!

How will some of the staff be handling the bye weekend? Let's find out!


9AM: Everton-Manchester City. Come on you Blues!
11AM: Texas Tech vs WVU, Oklahoma vs KSU, and GT vs Georgia Southern. The first two are the some of only games with ranked teams in the window, and the last one is for my brother-in-law (sorry Walt, go Jackets).
2:30PM: FSU vs WFU. Come on Deacs. Do it for Krispy Kreme. Do it for BB&T. Do it for Sara Lee. Do it for Forsyth County.*
Early Evening Window: Arkansas vs Mississippi and Wisconsin vs Ohio State. Scouting for next week and the Game of the Week.
Late Evening Window: WSU vs UCLA and Boise State vs Colorado State. WSU is winning with defense and their running game. It's must-watch to see if it winds up giving the Dread Pirate Leach a stroke.

Jonny Dent

The bye week works out pretty well for me as it falls the same week as our local craft beer festival. The Mrs. and I will drop the munchkin off at Grandma's before lunch and then drink as many different beers as we can. The folks running the operation understand that their target audience doesn't want to miss football so they have a pretty good setup with a number of projectors showing the day's biggest games. The local LSU fans and I will both be hoping the Vols can make it interesting against the red elephants, but if not, oh well let's try another beer.

Ryan Sterritt

For me, I hit the road last night with my fiancé to come up to Huntsville for a wedding and to spend some time with the future in-laws. He's an Alabama grad, and I may end up having to watch Bama/UT with him. Wish me luck y'all.

Son of Crow

Crazy past few days, which is why no History Repeating article this week.

I was speaking at a retreat in Leysin, Switzerland, last weekend, so the wife and I decided to make a holiday of it and hit up Geneva, Chamonix, Annency, and Paris all since Sunday. Pretty part of the world, the Alps, almost as pretty as the Auburn Offense against the Miss State Bulldogs.

Im spending tomorrow relaxing, watching replays of the games I missed, and saving money because let me tell you…if you’re planning on going to Switzerland, Geneedva-more money!

It wouldn’t shock me to see the hogs beat the Rebs this weekend, by the way. Don’t know why, just have a feeling.

Emily Rios

With no Auburn game, we're doing ALL of the things this weekend. A bye weekend fresh off of kicking Dan Mullen's ass is seriously the best.

Bobby Barkley

(Gone fishin')


I'm going to try to watch Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. After that, I don't know what I'll be watching. Then tomorrow morning I'm headed out on a little road trip.