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Auburn vs Arkansas Staff Predictions and Early Morning Open Thread

The staff is fairly confident. Give your predictions and talk about things like Uncle Verne on Game Day.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you all had a good bye week. We're back, now, with another evening game for the Tigers! Here's your morning post. The "How to Watch" will be up around noon (even though all that information is in the AUperations Order, anyway), and then the game thread around kickoff.

Ryan Sterritt

Auburn, pretty easily. Give me 41-27, but Arkansas puts up 10 of those in garbage time. Our biggest strength (pass rush) is one of their biggest weaknesses (pass blocking). The Hogs are one of the worst rushing teams in the country (78th in rushing S&P), meaning Lawson, Monty, etc. will be pinning their ears back going after Austin Allen.

I'm excited to get back in JHS Saturday. The place will be ROCKING.

Son of Crow

I have Auburn in this one and I'm pretty confident. Some would say too confident. My reasoning is simple: Auburn is better than Arkansas and is playing at home. Auburn runs the ball and shuts down the run. Auburn has good enough DBs to defend the Arkansas receivers. Auburn rushes the passer well to quite well. Other than the "Hawg Hex", a curse I'm agnostic toward, I see no reason Auburn shouldn't win this game.

That said, Arkansas is a good team. I don't think this will be easy, but I think Auburn plays well enough to win.

Tigers 31
Hawgs 20

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 30
Ribs 20

Dr. Z

It bothers me that Kerryon is a game time decision.  I worry about the load Kam Pettway will have to carry if Johnson can't go.  Sean White will likely have to throw the ball more in this one.  I'm excited to see how he looks against a porous pass defense.

Arkansas can score points and Allen 2.0 really looks he can throw the ball.

In the end, I still think Auburn is a better team, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Auburn 34
Pigs in the blanket 23


Auburn should be able to move the ball well enough against Arkansas. I expect them to get behind our secondary once or twice to keep it interesting but I've gotten confident enough in our d-line and linebackers that I think they'll be able to prevent Arkansas from running at will.

My biggest concerns are that Kerryon might not be 100% and that Auburn is inexplicably a 9-10 point favorite. But, it's not an 11 am kickoff so I'll take the Tigers. 

Auburn 38 Arkansas 24.

Jonny Dent

I'm usually a very cautious fan, but I can't stop myself from predicting Auburn to win convincingly. Auburn is going to be able to run the ball well and that's going to open everything up for them offensively. Arkansas will still score points because Allen v2.0 is that good, but Adams et al will win enough battles at the line to stifle Arkansas' offense. 38-21 AU.


Against Mississippi State I looked at a game where Auburn was clearly a better team, but I still didn't fully trust them to run away with it. They proved me wrong, and I loved every minute of it. This week, I look at a tough Arkansas team that seems to struggle in areas that would be advantageous for Auburn. Still, I think the 10-ish point line is a little too high. Auburn settles for a few FGs, and the Hogs get a backdoor cover.

Auburn 30
Arkansas 21


If Auburn covers the spread, it will probably be late in this one as they're putting it away. Arkansas is a good team. They're balanced on offense and can put up points on you. I think Auburn has the defense capable of making them one-dimensional, though. That could ultimately be the difference.

Kerryon Johnson is going to play. I have absolutely zero doubt about that. How many carries he'll get, I'm not sure. He's going to play, though. Auburn running game - which will likely be running behind the same line as the last two games - will have the Tigers moving the ball. I think that's going to make Sean White even more deadly when he does throw the ball. I look for the Tigers to throw in some first down deep shots after a first down or two on drives.

The home crowd, a night game, the cold weather, all of this adds up for a fantastic night on the Plains. I think the team feeds off the atmosphere and plays perhaps their best game of the year. Arkansas is still good enough to make that a very interesting game, though. I think Auburn can cover, but, as I said at the beginning, it may be because of a very late score to push it to - or keep the game at - a two score game.