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Link sAUsage: 24 October 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Charles Barkley is going to be honored with a statue at Auburn Arena. The announcement was made in a pretty hilarious fashion with Bo Jackson on the video board.


The school record winning streak came to an end last night as the Tigers lost on a late penalty to Texas A&M in College Station.


The ladies continued their winning ways with a double-header Friday night. Of course, the Fall Schedule is supposed to be games where the Tigers win big. The offense looks to be pretty potent again with Casey Myers back in charge of the hitting.


While the soccer winning streak ended, the Volleyball team continued theirs. They won their fifth in a row with a victory over Arkansas.


A football game was played this weekend, and whew boy was it fun. The Tigers absolutely demolished Arkansas to the tune of 56-3. You can read the initial game recap and then be sure to check out my more detailed post-game thoughts, as well.

While younwere sleeping, Jonny Dent published his evaluation of the Auburn offense against Arkansas. It was nothing fancy. Just straight up domination.

So, when you get into the statistics, Auburn is doing pretty well, right now. 3rd nationally in rushing offense and 3rd nationally in scoring defense. This team is so much fun to watch.

He came back for his senior year with a goal in mind: Make Auburn Defense Great Again. Montravius Adams has been a big part of doing just that, and he's loving the recognition the Tigers are getting for their work.

Kevin Steele said in his press conference last night that the victory started up front and ended up front. There are few ways to describe just how dominant Auburn's defensive line was against the Razorbacks.

Sean White only threw the ball 11 times Saturday night, and he doesn't mind that at all. He still came away with a touchdown pass, a touchdown run, and one big 40+ yard run of his own.

The pundits are taking notice of Auburn. The Tigers made a big jump in both polls and are folks are already starting to ponder this year's Iron Bowl. Personally, I'm just enjoying them one-by-one. I don't want to rush ahead to Bama. I want to enjoy what we've got going right now.

In former Tiger news, Peyton Barber scored his first NFL touchdown, yesterday. He racked up quite a few yards for the Bucs, as well.