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Auburn vs Ole Miss Game Open Thread

Tigers. Rebels. SEC Football.

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The Tigers are on the road for only the second time all season. Here's your place to talk about tonight's game. War Eagle!

Oh, and since Red Cup Rebellion never published my answers to their questions, here they are:

1. But.... you were supposed to be bad. Why can't you just be bad? What do you think the biggest difference in playcalling is this season?

Well, we weren't supposed to be BAD. We just didn't have a clue what we'd be. Most Auburn fans knew that if the red zone play calling improved (this is before Gus went nuts with the 5 QB Single Wing game) and if they figured out the QB situation, then we could be good. We all knew the defense was going to be much improved. I don't think any of us expected it would be to THIS level, though.

2. Is Sean White actually an effective quarterback? What are his strengths and limitations?

Sean White is a very effective QB. His completion percentage over the last few games isn't that high due to screens. Lashlee has mostly eliminated those from his play calls. They're all 10-20 yard over-the-middle, deep balls, or wheel routes. Auburn is guaranteed one wheel route a game.

His strength is his poise and accuracy. He's deadly accurate when he has time to throw. I'd say his weakness is not stepping all the way into his deep balls, which causes some misses. If he could nail that down, he'd be a terror. He also tends to stay in the pocket too long and take sacks and not protect the ball as well when he does. Thankfully, the OL has improved and cut down on that happening, though.

3. Carl Lawson is fantastic. Which other pass rushers are making a difference this season, and what do they do best?

Monty Adams is playing like the 5* he was rated as, finally. He is a beast on the interior and commands double teams almost every play. That opens things up for Lawson, of course, but also for true freshman Marlon Davidson. Davidson has been playing right now to the level that Lawson was playing last year when he came back from his injury. If he continues to improve, he will end up even better than Lawson.

4. If you were attacking the Auburn defense, what would you do?

Get the ball out on quick throws. Don't let the defensive line get momentum. I'd also go for throws that take advantage of linebackers in coverage. I think that's one thing Ole Miss is particularly set up to do, too.

5. What's your prediction? Give a score and how it gets there.

I almost always hedge my bets on questions like this and say I think it could go a number of ways. I honestly think it will be a very close game because Ole Miss has something to prove, the Rebels are better than their record shows (Bill C's numbers prove that), and they're at home. I think Auburn pulls it out, though, on the strength of the defense, the running game against the Ole Miss rush D, and I think Rhett may open up the passing game some with Sean White. White really does seem to play his best games on the road (UK and Arky last year, MSU this year), and he thrives in that environment and Lashlee may try to use that if Ole Miss sells out against the run game.