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Auburn vs Ole Miss Staff Predictions And Early Morning Open Thread

The staff weighs in on tonight's game.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

We're all confident, and that scares the crap out of me.

Dr. Z

#3 rushing team in the country vs the #113 rushing defense?  The old adage of run the ball and stop the run and you'll win plays in Auburn's favor.

I think Kelly will make some noise in this one, but it won't be nearly enough.

Ole Miss 20


I want to find a reason Auburn doesn't run away in the second half just because I've done it with the last two picks. Kelly will make plays. Engram is one of the best players in college football. This won't be easy, but Auburn is the better team right now.

Auburn 34, Ole Miss 24

Ryan Sterritt

Should be that all night, even if we're down a score.

But really, Lawson is going to tear up their freshman LT. If they double him up, Mon is going to eat. Their run game is pretty bad, so if we can get to Chad Kelly (we should), they should be pretty limited. I think the only way they win is if they come out guns blazing, put up some early points, and force Auburn to pass. Honestly, though, 10 passes in the first half is probably too many even if we're down. No offense to Sean, he's been exactly what we needed, but the offense this year is built on the run.

I think it's a crazy first half, maybe 21-21, but Auburn grinds away in the second half and wins 38-24.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 20
Ole Miss 13

Gus runs a trick play to make Twitter, like, so angry.

Son of Crow

Auburn gets up early. This one looks more like Miss State than Arkansas for Auburn.

I am looking forward to this game quite a bit. There's a reason the advanced stats all love Auburn in this one. Computers aren't dumb, y'all.

Tigers 42
Rebs 24

Jonny Dent

As the week has gone on I've become more and more baffled at folks claiming this will be a close game. The reasoning seems to be Oxford & Chad Kelly. The former scares me not at all and the latter only slightly. Auburn is a really good team playing lights out with a ton of momentum. Ole Miss is an OK team with a lot of issues and who's very banged up. I expect a better game than Arkansas, but I still expect the AU train to keep cruising. 

Auburn - 40
Ole Miss - 17


Auburn stalls out on some early drives while softening up the Ole Miss D before putting on the gas late in the first quarter.  Chad Kelly will keep it close enough to stop the fans from going back to the Grove until early in the fourth.

Auburn 45
Ole Miss 27


Auburn will run it early and often, with some Sean White deep shots thrown in there. Ole Miss is going to gain yards on Auburn's defense with Chad Kelly throwing to Engram et al, but the Tigers will clamp down in the red zone and limit the damage enough that the Tigers' run game can keep ahead.

Auburn 31
Ole Miss 17