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Link sAUsage: 3 October 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The Tigers hit the court for the first time last Friday. See what the official site had to say about the first day of practice. has a good recap of Day 1, as well.

If you missed it Friday morning, get caught up on Son of Crow's 2016 basketball pre-season preview! He breaks down to the Tigers' strengths going into the season and details what the goals should be for Bruce Pearl's third - and most talented - roster on the Plains.

Bruce had a message for the team during practice about the Tigers and the NCAA Tournament. Be sure to check it out and get pumped.


The ladies continued their winning ways in conference after a 1-0 victory against Missouri. Missouri had plenty of opportunities, but the good-Tiger defense stood strong.


It's always fun to see Auburn take care of business in a manner like they're supposed to. This was a game Auburn was supposed to dominate, and they did just that. Be sure to check out our immediate post-game recap as well as the more detailed thoughts from this morning.

Statistically, Saturday's defensive performance was the best by Kevin Steele's defenses this season. That's unsurprising given the quality of opponent, but the fact the Tigers have played Clemson and Texas A&M - two outstanding offenses - and are ranked in the Top 15 in scoring defense says a lot about this unit.

Auburn's underclassmen continued to impress; particularly the wide receivers. Kyle Davis and Nate Craig-Myers had their first touchdowns. Davis changed numbers from #11 to #86 (because he and Markell Boston both wore #11 and they both play on special teams at times). Ryan Davis, meanwhile, made a ULM defender look stupid on one sideline play.

Kerryon Johnson said he just got tired of losing and has been running angry to change that. It's paid off in a big way as he's had a couple of great games including the game against LSU where he showed how physical he can be.

Just how close are the Auburn quarterbacks? Pretty close, apparently. You can see it after Franklin's touchdown run, when the first player from the sideline to greet him was Jeremy Johnson. Rhett Lashlee was next (telling him congrats and also not to bow to the crowd again), and then Sean White was close behind.

What did Rhett Lashlee have to say to the media last night? He had a good bit, actually. I haven't seen the exact quote, but apparently he also didn't rule out JFIII seeing the ball in roles other than QB. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him as the speed-sweep option. Hell, go crazy and line him up next to Sean White at RB, occasionally. Snap it to JFIII with a read option to White and then have White roll out with a run-pass option. That's all entirely too insane, but it'd be hilarious to see, too.

The Tigers hope to hear more on the status of Malik Miller, soon. Miller was running the ball very well, but left the game with a leg injury.