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Hindsight is 20/20: Homecoming Cupcakes

Auburn's offense rolls against the Sunbelt for the second time this year.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I spent the weekend watching my daughter's soccer tournament in Birmingham and catching college football, but I did get to sneak away for a couple hours to watch Auburn destroy La-Monroe.

But first, let me say I'm extremely proud of my little girl, who's team played great and came in second place in the Birmingham Bash.  They lost to a mercenary team out of Nashville who has the best bunch of nine-year old's I've ever seen.  They reminded me of the Chinese-Taipei teams of yesteryear in the little league world series, and we played the role of the unfortunate team from Hoboken New Jersey who had to play them in the finals.  The Nashville mercenary team had a coach who was a little much for my taste.  He sealed the deal for me when one of the girls rolled an ankle, and all the girls took a knee.  He screamed at his team to get up and stand.  He wins my D-bag of the week award.

As for the Auburn game, it would have been easy to have a letdown after such an emotional win over LSU.  But I think Auburn saw an opportunity to get better in some areas on offense.  And boy did they look good.

Based on the coverage busts on a couple of easy touchdown passes, Auburn must have adjusted the route tree just a little.  I loved the little sneak out by Tony Stephens on the bubble screen look.  Put a pin in that one.  I bet we see it later.

Kerryon continues to impress.  We need him to be a workhorse back for us.  He has an opportunity to be very special.

Auburn's defense is legit folks.  Say what you want about La Monroe, but they have a very good QB who was absolutely throttled by Auburn's front seven all day.  Other than one drive at the end of the first half, I don't know that the AU defense could've been much better.  And really, other than Alabama, there may not be a better defense in the SEC up to this point.

I gotta throw out there that John Franklin III needs more snaps.  The guy is a playmaker.  We need to see him on the field more.  He has the explosiveness that can change a game, very similar to Nick Marshall.

Well, that's all I got for this week.  WDE everybody!!!