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Auburn vs Louisiana-Monroe Plays and Players of the Game

What did the staff think of how the Tigers played?

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Son of Crow:

Offense: Tony Stevens had a game. Don't think anyone else is going to pick him, but he was great.

Defense: Montravius, or any of our defensive players whose first names end in S. we have lots. They all played well. Also,Lawson was as dominant as he should have been against LaMo.
Special teams: Marcus Davis. Love having a sure handed punt returner who can also make a guy or two miss.

Play of the game: I hate to say this because I hate QB controversies, but JF3's touchdown pass was the best pass auburn has completed all season. It was majestic.  And he can fly.


Play of the game was the John Franklin III to Nate Craig-Myers touchdown pass. Beautiful over the shoulder catch and the pass was delivered right in stride with just 4 yards to spare. Who said JF3 can't throw?

Player of the game is tough in a game like this but maybe JF3 on offense? He only got three opportunities but averaged 41.5 yards per carry and was 1 for 1 for 39 yards and a TD through the air.

Defensive player of the game, Tre a Williams who not only led the team in tackles but also forced a key fumble when the offense had put them in a deep hole.

Dr. Z:

Offensive game ball to Kerryon (my wayward son) Johnson.  He has run the ball with authority the last few weeks.

On defense, the entire line gets a game ball.  They absolutely destroyed La Mo all day.

It was a nice win and I love the fact we are coming together on offense.


Player of the game was Kerryon. He took control of the game early and made it a nice and easy afternoon. Defensively I can't pick anyone. They all played great.

Play of the game was the forced fumble right after White's fumble. That got us out of a bad situation, and the offense scored four plays later

Ryan Sterritt:

Play of the game: Every deep ball that was hit. Deep balls do the soul good.

Player of the game: Has to be Monty Adams, right? Got his hands on two kicks, and tore the OL up all day. Once again I want to praise the WRs. They played great, not only catching the ball but putting good blocks on the edge. I know I saw Kyle Davis throw some good ones.

Noteworthy: I think Aubie could use some work with Kodi Burns. He dropped the ball delivered by the drone in pregame. Come on, Aubie! You were wide open!


On Offense, I'm going Kerryon Johnson, as well. Granted, it was against a weaker team, but to put up the numbers he did in the first two quarters alone is fantastic.

For Defense, Montravius Adams is the choice. He did exactly what he should do to a team like ULM and absolutely dominated them.

Play of the game, there are a ton of choices. I'm going to go with the feel-good play, though. I really wanted walk-on running back Damian Lewis to get a touchdown on that last drive, but seeing the pure joy of Gary Walker on his safety and then the joy of the team greeting him on the sideline to celebrate with him as just a lot of fun.