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I hope that you are ready for these takes about Auburn's win over Louisiana Monroe. Now, Auburn has never lost to Louisiana Monroe, but Alabama has one loss to the Warhawks. College football is wild.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I literally have nothing to say about this game.

Here are my favorite Auburn restaurants of all time, like off the top of my head right now in October of 2016:

1. Willy's Wings.

2. The Grille.

3. Veggies to Go.

4. Guthrie's. (I lived beside the Guthrie's on Opelika Road my freshman year. I ate there three times a week, easily.)

5. Findley's.

6. Rooster's.

7. Cheeburger, Cheeburger.

8. Buffalo Connection.

9. Momma Goldberg's.

10. Probably Pizza Magia? But it should be noted that I once ate a whole Pizza Magia by myself and threw up harder than I have ever thrown up.

*note I'm not including Acre or The Hound because that doesn't make this fun. Those are superior restaurants. We accept that.