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Link sAUsage: 31 October 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Casie Ramsier picked up a pretty big honor, being named the SEC's Scholar Athlete of the Year.

The Tigers finished the regular season strong with a win over Tennessee to tie the program's record for wins in a season. Auburn is the #2 seed in the SEC Tournament beginning this week.


The Fall Schedule closed out with a double-header that ended in predictable fashion with Auburn victories. With the fall schedule finished, the Tigers will now take a break before beginning their attempt to make it back to Oklahoma City in February.


Saturday night's game was a little more nerve-wracking than the previous two games, but it was still fun! See the immediate post-game recap and then go read the more detailed thoughts. I'm so glad I didn't have to bring up the holding calls and that ridiculous non-call intentional grounding. Of course, the Ole Miss fans are bringing up the missed holds, too, so maybe they were being fair in not calling them either way except for the obvious one on Kelly's scramble in the late 3rd quarter.

Rhett Lashlee met with the media last night and talked about the Ole Miss game. He had a lot of interesting sound bites and quotes about Pettway, Sean White, injuries, and whether Auburn really has a go-to receiver.

How did the Tigers grade out according to Pro Football Focus for the Ole Miss game? You may be surprised to know that Sean White graded out even better than Chad Kelly did. Also of note in that article is the proof of just how much Josh Holsey was by far the best DB on the field for the Tigers Saturday night.

With the victory, Auburn moved into the Top 15 in both major polls. Of course, those polls don't really matter. The poll that does matter - the College Football Playoff - will be released for the first time tomorrow night.

See Jalen Harris talk about his touchdown catch. It's about time the Tigers got the tight end involved in the game again!