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Auburn vs Ole Miss: Plays and Players of the Game

What does the staff think about the outcome of Saturday night's game?

Auburn Athletics / AuburnPix

Oscar Whiskey

Play of the game: Evan Engram's untouched drop in the 4th quarter

Son of Crow

Monty Adams is the player of the game for me on defense. Holsey is 1A. Adams' blocked extra point was a huge play mentally for this team and kept Auburn with a numbers advantage in a back and forth contest. Holsey's pick covered up how bad the secondary was all night. Yeah he made a few good plays, but Ole Miss had something for Auburn on every play it seemed.

Offensively, Pettway is my player of the game. If Sean White hits one of the two deep passes he straight up missed, I would vote him here. White is so good short and intermediate, but just doesn't connect on enough deep passes to make me anything but nervous against good defenses.

I love this team. The play of the game for me was the touchdown to the tight end. I LOVED how it started in the spinning fullback formation before shifting. Makes you think Gus knows a thing or two about putting things on film for other teams.

Loved the game, love this squad, War Eagle.


First, can we talk about the fact that the defense gave up 7 points in the second half?  Great adjustments.

Offensive player of the game is Pettway.  He's turning into something special.  The best recent comparison is probably Rudi Johnson.  I hope Gus doesn't lose sight of Kerryon Johnson (like he has a tendency to do).

Defensive player of the game is probably Adams.  Holsey fought his butt off all night and came up with that huge interception but Adams had two plays that changed the game.  First, he blocked that field goal.  Then, on fourth and 1 from inside the five he scared the center into making a bad snap, whipped the center, penetrated into the backfield, grabbed Ole Miss's huge battering ram of a backup QB, and dragged him backwards short of the first down.  

Play of the game was the single wing variation with the quick shift before the pass to Jalen Harris.  I thought throwing to tight ends had been outlawed or something.  Good to see I was wrong.


Going in a slightly different direction here. Offensive player of the game for me was Alex Kozan. On one of Kerryon's TD's Kozan blocked 3 guys on his own. He was a monster in the interior of the line giving Sean time to throw and Pettway room to run.

Holsey, for me, was DPOTG. That was his best game in what is turning into a very solid season for him. It's good to see him playing at a high level after battling injuries his entire career.

My play if the game was Gus' timeout on the goal line. Without it, OM scores on that speed sweep. After the timeout, our D got a 4th down stop and got the ball back.

Ryan Sterritt

Play of the game: gotta be the interception (ad return) by Holsey. Already up and late in the game, that basically iced it.

Players of the game:

Offensively, has to be Bubba. He broke those poor defenders souls by the end of the night. Pettway, on which weaknesses he was exploiting in the defense: "Nobody really wants to tackle me."

Defensively, Mon. After the blocked XP, he was in the center and guards' heads the rest of the night. His 4th down stop of Kelly near the endzone was HUGE.

Tons of credit again to the whole coaching staff. They offensive staff called a great game, and the defensive staff made fantastic adjustments as the game went on. Nobody expected it, but Kevin Steele is looking like the best coordinator hire in the country this year.

Bobby Barkley

OPOTG: Pettway
DPOTG: Adams
STPOTG: Stovall

Also loved how Carl Lawson sacked Chad Kelly and quietly walked back to the defense like it wasn't even a big deal.

Dr Z.

Offense:  Gotta be Bubba Pettway.  He's a big ball of hate running through the line.  He leads the conference in rushing and didn't carry the ball in two games.

Defense:  I have to give it to Monty Adams, who is the biggest disrupted of opposing offenses since Nick Fairley.  Honorable mention to Holsey for the game changing pick.

Legatron is automatic under about 55 yards.  He may be the MVP so far this season.


Real play of the game: Holsey's interception
Hipster play of the game: White's 16-yard scramble on 3rd and 13. Extended a drive that would end in a go-ahead TD. Give an honorable mention to the staff finally calling "Fight Song"

Real offensive player of the game: Pettway. He was a monster.
Hipster offensive player of the game: Braden Smith. No one graded out higher for Pro Football Focus. He and Kozan manhandled the interior of the landshark defense.

Real defensive player of the game: Holsey. Auburn had 9 passes defended. Holsey had 5 of them. Kelly threw at Holsey 10 times. He was 2 for 10 for 34 yards and a pick.
Hipster defensive player of the game: Still Holsey. Read those PD stats again.

Jonny Dent

Offense: Pettway. He continues to get better and better as the season goes on.

Defense: Holsey. The pick was the nail in the coffin. I surprised it took as long as it did for one to happen. Had we played a little more zone earlier in the game, I think we could have gotten another and made this less of a contest.


Offensive Player of the Game is Pettway. He just keeps running for more and more yards every week and no one really wants to touch him. Honorable mention goes to Sean White, who continued to be as accurate as he's been all year, scrambled for some key gains, and is proving that he can run this offense as well as anyone.

Defensive Player of the Game is Holsey. I point to the stats that AU_Jonesy mentioned above. On a night when Chad Kelly was on fire and looked like he'd never miss, Holsey didn't let much of anything happen against him. Honorably mention to Monty Adams for destroying people on the interior.

Play of the Game is the interception. Auburn needed a turnover in a big way, and Holsey delivered. No one can throw as much as Kelly did Saturday night and not make at least one mistake. Auburn had to make sure they took advantage of the mistakes he made, and Holsey did just that.