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Link sAUsage: 4 October 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The men and women are both in action. The ladies in the Cougar Classic in Charleston, South Carolina where they're currently in 8th place after two rounds. The men, meanwhile, are in Vestavia at the Jerry Pate National Intercollegiate, where they're tied for first going into the final round.


Keeper Sarah LeBeau was tabbed as the SEC's defensive player of the week for her performance against Missouri Friday night.


Dr. Z's weekly eye exam takes a look at sportsmanship in children's leagues and also the Tigers' offense against the Homecoming Cupcake.

We here at College and Magnolia talked about our plays and players of the game for the ULM game. There was a pretty good consensus among all of us, really.

As he did last week, Johnny Dent examined the Auburn offense. This time he focused on the red zone.

Blake had some late night TAKES for us last night. If you're expecting some HOT TAKES on the ULM game, you may be disappointed.

Jimbo Fisher called out Auburn yesterday while complaining about teams getting away with illegal players downfield on Run-Pass Option plays. There's just one problem... he cited two examples; one he's flat out wrong on (it was legal) and on the other Auburn was penalized. Even dumber is the fact that Auburn hardly runs RPOs, anyway.

The Tigers are getting a lift from an improved offensive line according to the official site. I have a bit of a problem with that statement. Primarily the fact that the starting lineup was different with Darius James at left tackle and Austin Golson at Center while Xavier Dampeer was nursing an injury. We don't know what the line will look like this Saturday, but it certainly sounds like Dampeer will be back. James did quite well in his first start, though.

Justin Ferguson's Film Room post for the ULM game is up. It's always a good read for breaking down formations, snaps for every player, etc. I used it last week for my "defense of Tony Stevens" post. I'm keeping  up my own spreadsheet on the wide receivers from it just because I'm curious, now.

Dan Mullen says that Sean White reminds him of Dak Prescott in some ways. He was very complimentary of the Tigers' signal caller, but that's to be expected leading into a game week.

Things don't look too great on the Malik Miller front. He reportedly had surgery, yesterday, and is out for 4-6 weeks. With him being gone that long - and having played in only two games, I believe - it's possible Auburn could attempt to redshirt him. That really hurts Auburn's running back depth. If things get too bad, I wouldn't be too surprised to see Rudy Ford go Iron Man at times.