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Gus Malzahn 4 October 2016 Press Conference Recap

Gus Malzahn met with the media today to discuss last week's ULM game and this weekend's game against Mississippi State. All credit to the beat writers who were there!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Gus confirmed today the reports that came out yesterday that running back Malik Miller had surgery on his injured knee. He could be back before the end of the season, although it still wouldn't surprise me if they try to redshirt him. In his place, Stanton Truitt has been getting work at both running back and receiver. Truitt actually started the Clemson game at running back for Auburn and got a few snaps in on the Tigers' final drive against ULM last Saturday. If you're wondering about his size, he's two inches shorts and about 8 lbs heavier than Kam Martin at 5'9, 185, so I'm not terribly worried about that.

In good news, though, Kamryn Pettway and Xavier Dampeer will return from injury this weekend. The starting center is key going into a game at Davis-Wade Stadium with all of those cowbells.

I really hope Jalen Harris is getting more comfortable. Having a tight-end threat (especially one of his size) would take the passing game to another level.

Gus was diplomatic, as he usually is when asked about Jimbo Fisher's comments. Gus is right, too. Auburn does a pretty good job of playing within the rules. The Tigers rarely run RPOs, and, as he notes later, Auburn is also the least penalized team in the SEC right now.

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