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The AUperations Order, FRAGORD 6: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Our military operations order style preview series continues

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

AUperations Order: 2016 Football Season.

FRAGORD 1, Clemson.

FRAGORD 2, Arkansas State.

FRAGORD 3, Texas A&M Aggies.


FRAGORD 5, Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

FRAGORD 6, Mississippi State Bulldogs

Task Organization: The Auburn Tigers will be organized using this week's depth chart.


a) Enemy -

Intelligence reports indicate that the Auburn Tigers' opponent for Week 6 is a Southeastern Conference team led by a mobile "dual-threat" QB. They have had a roller coaster ride this season with a loss to Sun Belt foe South Alabama, SEC rival LSU, and struggles against UMass. The enemy will attempt to shut down Auburn's offensive attack by through pressure on Sean White by their talented defensive line and stopping the Tigers rushing attack from penetrating to the second level and beyond. They will attempt to utilize their mobile QB and talented wide receiver Fred Ross to score on the Tigers' stingy defense.

b) Friendly -

(1) Higher Unit Mission Two Levels Up: No Change

(2) Higher Unit Mission One Level Up: No Change

c) Civil Considerations:

The local populace will be hostile of the Auburn Tigers. This will be Auburn's first road game of the season and first early game. This should dampen the crowd's volatility, but they will still be armed with cacophonous noise makers that will drive the Tigers and Tigers fans crazy.

d) Attachments & Detachments:

Attachments: Auburn University Marching Band, Auburn Cheerleaders, Aubie the Tiger

Detachments: None


The Auburn Tigers Football Team take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs at Davis-Wade Stadium in Starkville, Mississippi at 1100 hours local time, in order to advance the program's goal of reaching the SEC Championship and College Football Post Season.


a) Concept of the Operation.

The football team will play four quarters of fast, physical football against all opponents with each portion of the team performing special duties  assigned to them.

Scheme of Maneuver.

The operation will consist of multiple phases. Phase 1- the planning and preparation phase - begins at the end of the ULM game and ends with the team departing for the Remain Over Night (RON) site in Mississippi. Phase 2 - the travel phase - begins upon arrival at the RON site and ends with Tiger Walk. Phase 3 - the execution phase - begins upon arrival at the stadium and consists of pre-game warm-ups and game activity. It will end upon completion of the contest. Phase 4 - the recovery phase - begins with post-game locker-room activities and ends upon the team's arrival back at the athletic facility in Auburn.

Offense, the main effort, will conduct fast-paced, minimal communication attacks against the enemy utilizing multiple air and land-based weapons systems. Sean White will lead the unit on the field with quick, accurate passes, good reads of the defense on read-option plays, and effective driving of a fast-paced tempo. After last week's basic showing against ULM and Rhett Lashlee taking over play calling duties, expect to see some changes and wrinkles in the red zone. Kamryn Pettway returns from injury and should be able to help pound the ball along with the SEC leader in broken tackles, Kerryon Johnson. Fast, decisive play with minimal substitutions should be the goal. Auburn increased the percentage of first down passes last week, and this should hopefully be similar this weekend. At least 1-2 deep shots should be taken per quarter to back the defense off the line. Through speed of maneuver, simplicity in planning, and security of ball-control, the offense will attack the defense and cross the opponent's goal line as quickly and as often as possible.

Defense, a supporting effort, will employ fast/physical assaults on the opponent's offense. Mississippi State is led by a mobile QB in Nick Fitzgerald. Similar to last week, the QB is also their leading rusher. Play calling with this QB can be expected to resemble previous seasons with Dak Prescott, though designed QB runs have been used with him recently, as well. In the passing game, Auburn will need to focus on shutting down MSU's physical wide receiver Fred Ross. He will be a tough test for the Tiger secondary. The defensive front for Auburn will need to establish dominance on the line early and pressure the QB into making bad decisions in the passing game while also sealing the edges to prevent him getting loose on runs. Through surprise, mass, and economy of force, the defense will prevent the opposing offense from crossing the Auburn goal line through expending of their downs or through creating turnovers.

Special Teams, a supporting effort, will conduct all kicking and return duties. #Legatron will hopefully not be needed for short field goals and is available for trick plays. Through maneuver, simplicity, mass, and economy of force, special teams will attempt to score points when supporting the offensive efforts and prevent opponents from scoring points while supporting defensive efforts.

Fans, a supporting effort, will conduct themselves in a manner befitting proper sportsmanship standards while still loudly cheering on the Auburn Tigers football team and disrupting the opponents' game plan, rhythms, snap counts, etc. Good luck dealing with the cowbells, though. That's not going to be fun.

b) Task to Subordinate Units

(1) Offense. Task: No Change. Purpose: No Change.

(2) Defense. Task: No Change. Purpose: No Change.

(3) Special Teams. Task: No Change. Purpose: No Change.

c) Coordinating Instructions

(1) Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR): Opposing team signals, tendencies, etc. Only to be obtained through ethical, legal means.

(2) Timeline

Times will be adjusted based on subsequent operations.




Depart for RON site


9:00am: Tiger Walk on Barr Avenue.

11:00am: Game begins

(3) Uniform

Fans can wear whatever they want, for this one on the road. The team will be in the classic white Storm Trooper look. It will be beautiful.


a) Logistics

(1) Supply: The team will be supplied with all equipment needed by the equipment managers

(2) Transportation: Auburn will be transported to and from the RON site by bus

(3) Fan Information: For info on the MSU policies and more, see the official Gameday Primer.

b) Personnel

Casualty collection point will be the Auburn locker room.

c) Medical

SEC Medical Observers will monitor each game for possible concussion issues. MEDEVAC is available upon request


a) Command

(1) Location of Commander: No Change

(2) Succession of Command: No Change

b) Control

(1) Higher Unit Location: No Change

c) Signal

(1) Call Signs: No Change

(2) Challenge and Password: THREE / TWO

(3) Running Password: $180,000.

(4) Frequencies


Stream: WatchESPN

Radio: Auburn Network

The time is now FOOTBALL SEASON. What are your questions?