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Auburn vs Mississippi State Staff Predictions and Early Morning Open Thread

See how the staff thinks the game plays out and talk about Game Day or whatever else you want this morning since Auburn is one of the first games to kick off!

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Sterritt:

I think it's as simple as fixing the redzone offense. If we kick FGs, it'll bite us. If we punch it in, we win. I like to think we've figured some things out, so give me 31-20 Auburn. Let's shut the CLANGA up!

Son of Crow:

This is maybe the closest matchup of the season so far, but maybe it isn’t… We really don’t know how good Auburn can be since they keep messing around on Offense. To predict this game, I think it comes down to who has the best individual units.

Special teams: Auburn. Field Goal U baby.
Defense: Auburn. Our front seven looks good enough to make us forget how good Carlton Davis has played.
Offense: Auburn. At least our qb is experienced.

I think Auburn wins another ugly game.

Good guys 30
Bad guys 20

Bobby Barkley:

This game feels personal to me in so many ways (let's not even get into the whole Dan Mullen is a terrible person/Cam Newton thing)...primarily because I now work with a bunch of Mississippi State grads who were so stunning and brave and decided they were going to claim Alabama as their team because "we grew up in Birmingham." I have yet to find any #FreeUAB stickers or shirts in the office. Funny how they don't claim Moo U when they're losing (or even when they're winning), but whenever they beat Auburn, suddenly the diplomas start flying onto my desk. They've enjoyed two years of Dan Mullen dominance*. It's time to turn the tables (and when you work in an architecture firm, literally turning over the tables is a serious blow...there's like, pens and drawings all over the place).

Anyway, I also kind of like the idea of Auburn being the team that gets your head coach fired (I even enjoy the new standard from butthurt opposing fans that losing to Auburn oughta be a fireable offense...your tears are more delicious than ever). Granted, Les Miles was already on a broken string, but Dan Mullen isn't exactly stable in Starkville. In this new cutthroat role, I hope we deliver another pink slip in the West.

Everyone understands that, despite Carlson's rock-solid performance against LSU (and all season), we're going to have to score touchdowns (inside and outside the red zone) in order to beat teams on the road, and now that Lashlee has had two games to turn the page, this is a great opportunity to see what we're made of and punch it in over and over again. To me, the difference is JF3. He willshred this defense if he gets the chance with his running ability. However, I look forward to Sean White getting some payback from last season. He is 100% more prepared and 100% healthier this go-round. Let's hope his receivers deliver.

Watch out, Cousin Eddie. Your sh*tter is about to be full of regret.

Auburn 27
Mississippi State 17

*zero SEC championships


Auburn is a better football team than Mississippi State this year. They're going to have to prove it at 11 AM on the road. It'll be tough at times, but I like our chances. Kerryon and Carlson put the game away late: Auburn 26-17.

Dr. Z

Dak Prescott is the real deal...Wait, I forgot he plays for the Cowboys now.

Auburn is better than these guys.  They lost to South AL for Pete's sake.

I don't see them being able to move the ball against Auburn.

Plus White seems to be better on the road and will look to avenge his loss to them from last season.  Look for Johnson to break outa well.

Auburn 28
Last Chance MSU 12


I think Auburn wins this on defense and scores enough on offense to put it away early in the second half. Auburn 27 Miss State 10.


Hopefully Auburn will be able to hit enough field goals to pull this one out.

Oscar Whiskey:

This game feels like it'll be too close for comfort.

Auburn 23 - 21 Mississippi State.


Auburn's defense is stifling and holds Mississippi State to very little. The offense still has some hiccups in the red zone, but they do improve. There will also be a long touchdown pass or two. Auburn wins by 2-3 scores, although it may be a late score or two that makes it that way.