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Auburn vs Georgia Staff Predictions and Early Open Thread

What the staff thinks and your place to talk about your predictions and the early games.

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Dr. Z

I think it's a fight all the way.  And Auburn will get Georgia's best.

There are a lot of unknowns in this ballgame.   Will Pettway play?  (Not likely). Can we win without him?

Will White be allowed to open up the passing game?  Can the defense defend the short and intermediate throws?

I think Auburn is ready.  I think it will be tough.  But we'll be celebrating a win Saturday night.

Auburn 27
UGA 17

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 27
Georgia 24

War Damn Eagle

Jonny Dent

Pettway won't play, but we'll all kick ourselves for not remembering how good Kerryon can be when he's healthy. White will be on point as usual. Georgia won't do anything on the ground but will take a page from the Ole Miss/Vandy playbook and have Eason throw short and often to give the Bulldogs something on offense.

Auburn - 31
Georgia - 17

Son of Crow

I think we will look back at this one and call it the “Kerryon Johnson game” because he is going to go off. He has been itching to get on the field since the MSU game, and this is his chance. I also think Mon Adams is going to make a few million dollars on Saturday with how well he plays. He will be climbing up draft boards.

I do think it is going to be a battle. Georgia needs this game badly and Smart knows this win would justify his hiring to a lot of folks. I think Auburn gets this one though and the score won’t be as close as the game is.

Auburn 35
Georgia 17


I am notoriously bad at predicting how Auburn games will go. I'll just say I'm nervous. I hate UGA like libs hate Trump (and those who voted for him). So, I want this game bad!

I saw a stat the other day saying that Auburn lost to a lower ranked, or unranked, Georgia team in 1986, 1996, and 2006.

Here's to reversing trends. On the leg of Carlson, 24-23.


Georgia is coming to fight. This feels like 2006 to me where a young, struggling Georgia team woke up just in time to run a one-loss Auburn team off the field. With our injuries, this game could go late.  I think Auburn wins a nail biter 27-24.

Ryan Sterritt

Auburn matches up well in this game. Georgia's biggest weakness is the O-line, and our biggest strength is the d-line. As mentioned before, I think these next few games we'll see Mon break out as an early first round draft pick. I think Kerryon goes for 125, and we hit a big pass play or two.

But... This is Georgia. When is it ever that easy? I think UGA pulls a couple of big turnovers, and we see our old friend the 3rd Quarter Lull come back. Auburn is the better team, but only puts it away in the last 5 minutes.

33-21 Tigers.

Yes, that's a lot of FG's (4). We'll miss Pettway in the red zone.


I'm in agreement with everyone else it seems. Auburn is the better team on paper, but this is Georgia. They'll play better than they have for no other reason than to screw with us. Eason will probably look like Tom Brady at times. That said, I think the better team prevails. Kerryon busts a late one to ice it after Georgia fails on a tying 2 point conversion.

Auburn 31
Georgia 22


I want so badly to predict Auburn running away with this one. I really dislike UGA. A lot. I'm probably going to regret this, but I think this game plays into our strengths a lot more than we think, and I think Jonny nailed it above when he said we've forgotten how good Kerryon Johnson can be when he's healthy. The offense will click and do what it needs to do. The defense will be able to get after UGA enough to let the offense do what it needs to do. Auburn wins this one in a very hard-fought game where that ends somewhere around 27-17.