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How to Watch and Preview Auburn vs Georgia and Afternoon Open Thread

Just in case you needed to remember where to watch.

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Auburn faces Georgia today. That's right, we're already to the Georgia game. This season has flown by.

By records and game performances, Auburn should win this game. Of course, the transitive property of wins doesn't mean anything in football. This is going to be a big fight regardless of the records. While the Iron Bowl tends to be a game where the favorite almost always wins, this game is one where underdogs truly to step up and play well.

When Georgia Has The Ball

Georgia's offensive line is one of the worst in the SEC right now. They rank 12th in tackles for loss allowed. That should bode well for Auburn's stacked and deep defensive line. Of course, Ole Miss and Vandy showed that you can negate the pass rush with quick passes. Georgia will try to do that with freshman Jacob Eason. They have some very good wide receivers and a tight end who will be one of the best in the nation by the time he leaves UGA in Isaac Nauta.

Oh, and they still have Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, too.

Auburn is going to need to play tight coverage on the wide receivers to disrupt those passes. The linebackers are going to have to account for very good running backs but not get sucked in on play actions and let the tight end get wide open. I do believe that the young Georgia offense combined with the weak offensive line sets up well for Auburn, but the Bulldogs are going to give it their all against Auburn.

We all remember what Aaron Murray did to us as a freshman.

When Auburn Has The Ball

Auburn's offensive line still gets such a huge push that the running backs should be just fine for a few yards on almost every play. Kerryon Johnson isn't going to bowl people over like Pettway did, but he provides the tackle-breaking ability to still get big yards. Stanton Truitt has shown great vision and moves carrying the football, too.

In the passing game, Auburn is going to need Sean White to be healthy enough to hit the passes he needs to hit. Even banged up against Vandy and in limited passing action (he only attempted 13 passes, but hit on 10 of them) he looked good. So, if he's ready to go this week, Auburn should be ok. Quick out patterns and over-the-middle passes may be essential in backing Georgia off the line and helping the run game.

And it sure would be nice if Sean could hit one or two of those deep balls, wouldn't it?

How to Watch, Stream, and Listen

Time: 2:30pm Central



Radio: Auburn Network