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Hindsight is 20/20: No Plan B

Too many injuries and lack of a plan doomed Auburn in Athens

Return of the one armed zombie.
Return of the one armed zombie.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday afternoon was one of the most frustrating afternoons I've had as an Auburn fan recently.  Coming in we thought we were good enough to beat Georgia with the M.A.S.H. unit we call a football team.  Anyone with 2 eyes knew Pettway wasn't going to be able to go against the 'Dogs.  Sean White had the arm strength of Chris Todd circa 2009 in the second half vs Vanderbilt.  Kerryon Johnson wasn't 100% either.  So it was acceptable to me that Auburn's offense wouldn't hum like we saw in Oxford.

But when White threw the ball for the first time we knew he wasn't well.  So did Kirby Smart and Georgia.

That Gus and Lashlee had no plan B if White was ineffective is baffling.  That they have no faith in John Franklin the 3rd is at the very least concerning.

Auburn didn't make a freakin' first down in the second half.  Not one.  White was obviously injured.  He even said so Sunday.  He might not have told the coaches he was ok.  But we all saw him throw.  The ball had no zip and was inaccurate.  He was also let down with a few crucial drops that could have kept drives going.

The fact that they would keep running him out there is just crazy.  Why not put JFIII in?  Run the zone read, make a couple of first downs, get to the UGA 40, kick a field goal or two and win the ballgame.

I'm not saying it would have worked, but great Caesar's ghost, it was worth a try wasn't it?

Auburn's defense was as good as they could have possibly been.  A shutout in the first half and two field goals in the second half was all they allowed.  The final drive was hard to watch, as our guys who had laid their guts on the line and had been on the field the whole second half finally succumbed, but still never gave up a touchdown.

From here I don't know where we go.  If White can get healthy and Pettway gets back then there is a shot to win the Iron Bowl.  Granted I don't hold out much hope for that.

The lack of a plan B this week killed us. It's ironic that in week one plan B,C,D, and E killed us.  It is what it is, unfortunately.  But Auburn had a chance at a very special season, to not have a plan if something happened to White, is just so shocking.

I'm not giving up hope on 9 regular season wins, but we have to get some folks healthy in order to have a chance, and even then, it's a tall order.

War Eagle anyway.