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Link sAUsage: 18 November 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The ladies are on the road for five games in a row and they got the road trip started off right with a 68-36 thrashing of North Carolina A&T.

For the men, the game started out nicely with a 10-2 lead, but then EKU went on a huge run and kept the lead for the majority of the first half. The Tigers came roaring back in the second half to remain unbeaten with their 3rd straight double-digit win, 85-64.


The NCAA Tournament continues for the Tigers this afternoon in Gainesville, Florida. The #16 Tigers take on #13 UConn at 2pm Central. See what Coach Hoppa had to say about the matchup.


This week's History Repeating hopes to get back on track and not go down with the ship.

Auburn plays its last home game of the season this Saturday night. It's Senior Night, and Jeremy Johnson will get the starting nod.

That's really the only football news I see worth talking about. decided to write an article on "What if Jeremy Johnson played basketball instead?" I'm almost surprised they didn't write a "what if Auburn Baseball's Jeremy Johnson had played QB?", too. Everything else I saw was just a repeat or other dumb article. Like the "Auburn fans should cheer Jeremy Johnson on Senior Night" article I saw. If you DON'T cheer for JJ, you've got issues.