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How to Watch Auburn vs Alabama A&M Live Online, Time, TV Schedule, and More

Auburn is going to actually try to play a good game against the Bulldogs this week.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I could preview this game if I really wanted to. All you really need to know is this, though:

25% of Auburn's roster is unavailable due to injury.

Those injuries include the starting QB, starting RB(s), starting FB, senior WR, and one of the primary linebackers.

Even with those injuries, Auburn should be able to name their score against Alabama A&M.

How's that for a preview?

Auburn will start Jeremy Johnson at QB on Senior Day, and I really hope he lights up the night at Jordan-Hare Stadium. There's nothing I want more than JJ to look like everything we ever dreamed he would be. He may need the confidence boost as he's likely to be the starter against Alabama next week in Tuscaloosa at this rate.

We're going to see Rudy Ford on offense tonight. That should be interesting. It could be a lot of fun. I'm just sad it's not likely Kerryon Johnson is going to be healthy enough to play, because he could conceivably have gotten enough yards in this one to be almost to 1,000 himself by the end.

Oh well. It's the final home game of the year. It's the annual "SEC Off Weak Games Before Rivalry Weekend" Saturday. Still, it's football, and it's almost gone for the year, again. Enjoy it while you can.

How to Watch, Stream, Listen

Time: 6:30pm Central

TV: SEC Network Alternate

Stream: WatchESPN

Radio: Auburn Network