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Link sAUsage: 23 November 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Is Auburn Basketball still undefeated? Yes. Yes, they are! The Tigers knocked off Texas Tech last night 67-65 in a game where Auburn led by 19 points, but let the Red Raiders climb back and make a last second game of it.

The Tigers will play #17 Purdue tonight at 7:00pm for the Cancun Challenge championship.

Son of Crow's weekly "This Week In Auburn Hoops" article published late last night. Or early this morning, depending on how you look at it. It was just morning for Drew, who lives over in Germany. Hopefully, next week he'll be able to talk about even more exciting things since Auburn plays again, tonight.


The Ramsier Twins aren't quite ready to call it a career at Auburn University just yet. The Tigers play in the Elite 8 this Friday against USC.


Peggy's Undercover Barner this week is something else. The song is pretty awesome, and I really kinda wish I had a good microphone. I'd try to record it.

Gus met with the media for his weekly press conference yesterday, and for once he actually had a fair bit of information on injuries. It seems two key pieces of Auburn's backfield will return against Alabama. Which probably means they're actually out for the season.

The College Football Playoff rankings were released again last night in the middle of the basketball game, so I forgot to cover it, again. Auburn is the 2nd highest ranked SEC team, even above Florida. What does that mean? It means the Tigers still have a very good shot at the Sugar Bowl.

I rarely link to Bleacher Report - not for any specific reason, I just forget to even check them - but this story on Philip Lutzenkirchen is a powerful one. It's a tough read, but worth it.