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Auburn vs Alabama Staff Predictions and Early Game Open Thread

So, how do we think this plays out? Read and find out and give your own thoughts.

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Son of Crow

I feel like there is no chance we win this game. We don't have a QB who can beat them tomorrow, and we have players all over the place who are injured.

--But it only takes one rock for David to beat Goliath. It only takes one shot for Eminem to not miss his chance to blow. The Roman Empire fell. The Death Star blew up (twice). The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals. Anything is possible, or as Kevin Garnett yelled, "ANYTHING IS POSSSIBAAAAAAAAAALLL"

Auburn 22
Tide 21


Late defensive TD and Kerryon scores the exclamation point. Bama's got a whopping coming. Coming today. 41-20. Go to hell Alabama.

Dr. Z

I won't pretend to try to break this one down.  I'll be a homer till the day I die.

War damn eagle, baby!

Auburn 17-16.

Ryan Sterritt

Sorry y'all, I don't like it. If we're a fully healthy team like we were against Arkansas, we could give them a great game. There's just too many "ifs" here; Sean's shoulder, Kamryn's leg, Holsey's ankle, Carlton's whatever (I'm not sure why he didn't play last week). I'll give it 31-21 Tide.

Obviously, it's not a 0% chance, though. Strangely enough, I think we have a better shot in a low-scoring defensive game. To me, the way the Tigers win this game is with Montravious Adams having the game of his life. He's got to be in the backfield all day attacking the mesh point, which I think he CAN do. Put pressure on Hurts up the middle, make him scramble and throw under pressure (or get hit by Carl).

The defense can stop their run game. If we can do that and if the offense is actually healthy, there's a chance. Of course, beating them on special teams is a must. I'll take Heisman candidate Daniel Carlson and our FG block team to make some big plays. War Eagle everyone! It's really been a roller coaster season, let's give Gus a big win and give the Gus detractors nothing to talk about the next nine months.

Bobby Barkley

Barn hard or go home and barn harder.

I'm really not looking forward to Stan White calling a missed holding penalty on every play.

Auburn 19
Alabama 17

I hope Jalen Hurts fumbles the ball a bunch so we can call him Jalen Squirts.

Emily Rios

Anything can happen in this game, always. I'll love Auburn til the day I die, so...

Defense and Daniel Carlson for the win, 17-14. War Eagle!


Thanks to our coaches' relentless noninformation campaign, we really won't know how Auburn will do until we see who really was hoped to play. If after a drive or two, we see that Kamryn Pettway actually can run, we've got a chance to score enough to win (27 points or so. I know LSU held Alabama to 10 but Bama was calling a really conservative game because they didn't need more than 10 to beat LSU.)

If Auburn can't get 3.5 yards per carry right in the teeth of that defense, it's going to be a long day, like Georgia long, for the offense. If we can run, either healthy quarterback should have a huge game through the air in the second quarter and beyond. Assuming Sean is healthy and that the coaches won't play him if he isn't. Again, a lot of ifs in there.

Our defense is better than LSUs and should give us a chance.

Most likely outcome, 21-10 Alabama. Best case scenario, 31-27 Auburn.


Look, let's just BARN HARD, y'all. This is going to be a repeat of the 2000 game, just with tough defense instead of sloppy offense. It comes down to the kickers, and #Legatron will beat out the kicker Nick Saban had on scholarship that kept him from offering Daniel and led to his grandfather calling him a Turncoat.

It might not be 9-0, but it's going to come down to field goals, and I'll take ours over theirs any day.