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Link sAUsage: 29 November 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Yes, that is me back around spring 2001 on the old rappel tower
Yes, that is me back around spring 2001 on the old rappel tower


Auburn is taking part in the "Giving Tuesday," and they're highlighting something I care about a lot since I just left the department a month ago. The ROTC Department is trying to raise money to build a new Rappel Tower for training Cadets. It will be used by more than just Auburn University, too. The plans for it are amazing; it really will be a first-class tower when completed. As you can see from the headline above, that is me on our old tower back when I was a Cadet.


This was Sunday, but there was no way I was going to let my laziness Sunday night (hey, an Army buddy is in town and I didn't feel like doing this late at night) get in the way of reporting on Auburn's awesome come-from-behind victory. 17 points in 10 minutes to win 71-67? That's impressive.

Oh, and with that, Coach Flo's team is now ranked in the Top 25. The Tigers come in at 23rd in the most recent polls.

The men are back in action tonight against USC-Upstate. Tuco has a preview and how you can watch post for what SHOULD be the first relaxing/cupcake game of the season.


Going back to the weekend, we played Alabama. That happened. Here's the immediate post-game recap. Here's the View From the Couch with my more detailed thoughts on the game.

Blake has been saying all year long that the talk of getting rid of Malzahn is crazy in the grand scheme of things. He reiterates that statement in this week's TAKES.

Monty Adams is headed to the Senior Bowl. Currently, he's not even in the Mock Draft for SB Nation. They only do the first round, but still. I think a good performance at the Senior Bowl will push him way up some boards and into the first round.

If you're looking for good news for the bowl game - which is probably going to be the Sugar Bowl unless the committee decides to bump LSU from unranked all the way up ahead of Auburn - then look no further than Chris Low saying Malzahn informed him Sean White will be healthy and back for the bowl game.

Who is going pro early? None of Auburn's players are really saying right now.