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Auburn 14th in College Football Playoff Rankings

Auburn appears to be almost a lock for New Orleans

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The second to last College Football Playoff rankings came out, tonight. If you're a fan of the thought of Auburn in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl, then I have great news for you!

The Tigers are ranked 14th, which is the 2nd highest SEC team behind Alabama. Unless Florida (15th) defeats Alabama and somehow jumps all the way up to the College Football Playoff, then Auburn is a lock for New Orleans. The Sugar Bowl is obligated to take the highest-ranked SEC team not in the Playoff. The opponent will be the highest-ranked BigXII team not in the playoff, which is probably going to be the BigXII champion (Oklahoma or Oklahoma State).

Could that still be Florida? Yes, it could. If Florida puts on a good show against Alabama and makes it a very close game, there's always the chance the committee bumps them up ahead of Auburn. I don't see the Gators doing much better than Auburn did, though, and Auburn played them in Tuscaloosa, not Atlanta. If the Gators make a game of it, though, there's definitely the possibility the committee takes that into account and bumps them up one spot over Auburn in that final ranking.

Next up is LSU, who did make a jump back into the rankings, but only to 21st, and with no games left to play, they're not going to jump ahead of Auburn next week.

Here are the full rankings.