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Link sAUsage: 3 November 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports


All hope may not be lost for the Magnolia Oak. There are dead branches and shoots, but the tree overall is still alive and could recover.


David Ross, former Auburn Tiger, had a strange night last night. He had a rough time when he first came in to catch, but then TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF as part of the Cubs' historic World Series victory.


The SEC Tournament kicked off for Auburn, yesterday. Before it did, AU_Jonesy published a review of the regular season and how we got to this point.

In the Tigers' first game of the Tournament, things worked out pretty well with Casie Ramsier netting the hat-trick to knock off Tennessee 3-1. Next up is Arkansas Friday night at 6pm Central.

Here are some highlights from yesterday's win:


Blake has TAKES. Ok, they were published the other night and I just forgot to go back and edit yesterday's link dump because I'd already scheduled it and went to sleep. If you missed them, go back and check them out! He's happy to let you know his early season TAKES were on the money.

The Vanderbilt SB Nation site "Anchor of Gold" does a "Better Know a SEC Opponent" feature every week. Their topic for this week is - obviously - Auburn. It's well worth the read. Particularly for their description of their own QB as "a quarterback with the mobility of a malfunctioning Roomba."

What did Kevin Steele think about Auburn's defense against Ole Miss? It wasn't to standard. He did see positives, though. The defense won't have quite as tough a test this weekend against Vanderbilt, though Ralph Webb is definitely a dangerous running back.

Herb Hand has an incredible story of dealing with a health issue that almost killed him and then coming back strong from it. I know some of you hate clicking on links, but this is a good one.