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Auburn vs Vanderbilt Staff Predictions and Early Morning Open Thread

The game is early, so get your comments and thoughts in early, too!

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

So, we added an extra little bit in this week. With Kamryn Pettway only needing 67 yards until he reaches 1000 yards for the season, I asked the staff to also predict when he will cross that threshold.

Son of Crow

I'm sticking with 32-13, Auburn. I think their defense is pretty salty and will keep this one from being Arkansas-level ugly. However, Auburn's front seven might get in the end zone once against their offense so I might be wrong.

Pettway will get his 67 yards by the five-minute mark in the second quarter. I bet Johnson gets a lot of touches this week as he continues to get healthier. I really want him to throw a pass out of wildcat just to make defenses honest.


I always thought Mason was a good hire for Vanderbilt even if he didn't have a SEC background because he could make them very good on one side of the ball. He's done that with this defense. Though the schedule isn't exactly filled with great offenses, they've managed to be in the top half of the SEC in yards per game allowed. And their strength is their front seven. However, the per-play numbers don't help them much, as they drop to 11th (behind Mississippi State). Auburn needs to avoid mistakes and play with confidence. The defense should hold Vandy under 17, and that should be plenty.

Auburn 33
Vanderbilt 10

Oh, I forgot about the Pettway bit. I'll say he does it on his 8th carry. Late 1st/Early 2nd quarter.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 38
Anchor Drops 9

On Auburn's first offensive series, Pettway breaks free on the third play for 70 yards and a TD.

Jonny Dent

I think Auburn plays it safe this game and Vandy's defense is good enough to hold Auburn below their usual offensive numbers. At the same time, I expect the defense to come out angry after last week and get their first shutout against a bad Vandy offense.

Auburn - 24
Vandy - 0

Pettway will definitely get over the 1K yard mark this game. I'll say by half way through the second quarter.


Vanderbilt has a history of pushing Auburn hard.  I don't see that happening Saturday.  Auburn wins 41-9.  Pettway breaks 1000 yards 8 minutes into the game and Johnny Five shows off his legs and arm for most of the fourth quarter.


Goals this week should be to 1) Win 2) Get better 3) Stay/Get healthy.

Vandy's defense is salty and Zach Cunningham is one of the best LBs in the league. I expect them to sell out on the run and try to force White to throw. Pettway still gets 1k (10 carries, early second Q) and probably another 100-yard game, but I don't expect him to have 30 carries. Maybe half. He needs to be fresh to murder UGA and Bama. A healthy dose of Kerryon should do. Auburn can still impose it's will in the trenches.

Vandy's offense is frankly not very good, and AUs D should be pissed about a mediocre performance last week. Vandy may get a couple garbage time scores.

39-10 Weagles.

Ryan Sterritt

With the early kickoff, I think this is a ho-hum game that should be comfortable but not a major blowout until the second half. I'd guess maybe 14-3 at the half, 38-6 final. We'll hopefully spread out the carries, so I don't think Pettway gets to 1000 until the first drive of the second half.

Dr. Z.

This is a game Auburn should win going away, but they have to be careful to avoid a letdown in a sandwich game.  Candy' offense is aww-ful.  They shouldn't be able to move the ball at all.  HoweverI gotta give a shout out to their H-back Bailey McElwain, who hails from our little burb in Trussville.  He's done a really good job in that spot for the Dores.

White will have a big day as Vandy stacks the box.  But they won't be able to cover Davis (pick a Davis, any Davis). Pettway breaks 1000 on the second drive.


Auburn wins big, though it may not be as high as the spread. Then again, I really don't see Vanderbilt's offense scoring much - if anything - on Auburn's defense, so I could also see Auburn wearing them down completely and opening it up in a big way during the second half. I'll say 31-10.

Pettway goes over 100 yards on the 3rd drive of the game, which will be either at the end of the 1st quarter or early in the 2nd quarter. Either that or he does it on the very first drive when he breaks some big runs.