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Gus Malzahn 8 November 2016 Press Conference Recap

Gus Malzahn met with the media before Saturday's game with Georgia. See what he had to say! All credit to the beat writers who were there.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Most of this press conference seemed to be injury updates from what I can see. So, to whit:

Sean White: Still banged up, will be careful with him at practice, but he will still start.

Tony Stevens: No idea of health level, but he'll play against UGA.

Tre Williams: No idea of health level, but he'll play against UGA.

Kamryn Pettway: "leg injury," hope to get him on the practice field, and may still play.

I take that to mean it's unlikely we see Kam Pettway, but we'll see. One thing I am curious about, though, is Malik Miller. He was supposedly going to be back by UGA if needed (though we wanted to redshirt him). If he's healthy, could we see him play if needed? I doubt it, but it's a thought.

The rest is about how well Josh Holsey and Montravius Adams have played, as well as mentioning the carryover in defensive styles from Alabama to Georgia now that Kirby Smart is the head coach. That's not necessarily a bad thing since Malzahn tended to find success against Alabama's defenses when the offense was clicking.

And now, to the Tweets!