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2016 College Football Playoff Rankings #2: Auburn Tigers Remain Ranked 9th

The Tigers stayed in the same spot in this week's rankings.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The second set of College Football Playoff rankings are out!. Last week, Auburn was ranked 9th in the initial rankings. This week, the Tigers stayed at 9th since Texas A&M only dropped to 8th after their loss to Mississippi State. Everyone else won. The Playoff Committee doesn't exactly act like the major polls in letting that matter to them, but Auburn wasn't likely to jump anyone else above them with the close victory over Vanderbilt.

Alabama is, of course, still #1. Texas A&M, following their loss, drops all the way to #8th. Does that mean Texas A&M has a better path to the CFB Playoff? No. Because if Auburn wins out, Auburn will be the conference champion.

The Rankings

1) Alabama

2) Clemson

3) Michigan

4) Washington

5) Ohio State

6) Louisville

7) Wisconsin

8) Texas A&M

9) Auburn

10) Penn State

11) Oklahoma

12) Colorado

13) Oklahoma State

14) Virginia Tech

15) Utah

16) West Virginia

17) North Carolina

18) Florida State

19) Nebraska

20) USC

21) Western Michigan

22) Boise State

23) Washington State

24) LSU

25) Arkansas

The Schedule & Going Forward

LSU dropped considerably - probably too far given how well they played - after their loss to Alabama, but they're still ranked. Meanwhile, Arkansas makes an appearance at 25, which improves Auburn's strength of schedule after the butt-whooping Auburn gave them.

Auburn controls their own destiny in the SEC, which is fantastic. There are still scenarios where even as SEC Champion, the committee could leave Auburn out. What if Wisconsin - with two losses and an OOC victory over LSU - goes to the B1G Championship and defeats an undefeated Michigan? Will the committee leave the Wolverines out or will they take two B1G teams? I think there's a good chance the do the latter. I don't think (though I could be wrong) the same scenario plays out if Ohio State defeats Michigan and then loses in the B1G championship or if they are beaten by Wisconsin and Michigan is sitting outside of the conference championship with a loss. I think then you could see the two two-loss conference champions in.

There are still so many different scenarios for what could happen in the Playoffs. All Auburn can do right now is play their games in front of them. Georgia is the primary focus right now. Beat the Dawgs or none of this matters.