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Link sAUsage: 1 December 2016

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


This Week In Auburn Hoops is on the fourth week of the season! We've had Auburn's first loss and a close win since the last edition. See what Drew thinks about the basketball season so far.

While we're happy with the Tigers at 5-1, Bruce Pearl is not happy.

The 23rd ranked ladies are heading to Manhattan. Manhattan, Kansas, that is. They'll be taking on the Wildcats in the SEC/BigXII Challenge.


What does true freshman Marlon Davidson think of his freshman season? He was the first true freshman to start on the defensive line for Auburn since records of that type have been kept.

Jack Crowe is talking again. He's been all over the map with vague Twitter criticisms and more.

How did former Tigers in the NFL do this past week? Check out the stats yourself! I was surprised at just how many former Tigers are currently in the League in some capacity.

It looks like there's a very good possibility 12 of the 14 SEC teams go bowling this year. Auburn is still on track for the SEC's New Year's Six spot in the Sugar Bowl.

On the CRUITIN' front, Jarrett Stidham extended his visit from an unofficial to an official visit. Auburn feels pretty good about this one right now as long as Texas A&M continues to stick with telling Kellen Mond they won't sign Stidham.