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Link sAUsage: 13 December 2016

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


Well, dang it, last night sucked for Auburn Basketball. It's hard to get much worse than a loss to Boston College at this point. Unless BC turns things around in conference play, this is a resume killer for the Tigers.


We're still a bit away from the season starting, but the ladies are ranked 8th in the first pre-season poll.


Hey, at least some things went right for the football team. Fresh off Jarrett Stidham's commitment this weekend, the Tigers flipped a cornerback away from North Carolina with 3* Traivon Leonard committing to Auburn. His rating may not be that high, but Wesley McGriff really wanted this kid, and that's enough for me.

Speaking of recruiting, Jarrett Stidham may not be the only big name dual threat QB the Tigers can land for the 2017 recruiting class. One-time Auburn commit Lowell Narcisse decommited from LSU yesterday, and things are trending toward the Tigers of the Orange and Blue variety.

Carl Lawson is a First Team All-American according to the Football Writer's Association of America. Meanwhile, Daniel Carlson was a second team FWAA and AP All-American while Monty Adams earned second team AP All-American.

The Tigers are back on the practice field tomorrow and will practice 8 times before heading to New Orleans. The Tigers are allowed 15 practices for the bowl. No, I don't know how many of those in Auburn Jarrett Stidham may attempt to be at in some capacity.