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JUCO Quarterback Jarrett Stidham Officially Signs With Auburn

It's official, now. Stidham is a Tiger.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A commitment is one thing. Those can be flipped and nothing is certain. An LOI and signing with a school, though... that's a bit more permanent.

So, for all Auburn fans who may have still had a bit of heartburn wondering whether or not Jarrett Stidham would follow through with his commitment, then fret no more.

Once a player's LOI is signed and delivered to the school, the school can officially begin mentioning the player by name and talking about them. Auburn's official Twitter account recognized his signature in a tweet, so it's 100% official that Stidham is now an Auburn Tiger.

Looking for more information on Stidham? Then go back and check out our original commitment article from Saturday evening. I also had some further thoughts on Stidham and the quarterback race in the spring.

Stidham will arrive on campus next week and go through some of Auburn's bowl practices. He'll pretty much have to be on the scout team and can't officially travel with the team to New Orleans, but he'll go ahead and begin getting integrated with the team.

War Eagle. Regardless of whoever wins the starting job next Fall, at least we'll have some great depth. It's official, now. Stidham is a Tiger.