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Gus Malzahn 14 December 2016 Sugar Bowl Press Conference Recap

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Gus Malzahn spoke to the media this evening about QBs, JUCO signees, injuries, and more.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Gus Malzahn spoke to the media tonight and updated everyone on injuries and plenty of other things like the JUCO signees from today. Let's get to talking about it!

On injuries: Dang, that stinks for Devaroe Lawrence. He'll get a chance to show what he can do on Pro Day and it wouldn't shock me if he makes it onto a roster somewhere along the line. It's good to know everyone else was (supposedly) full speed. I've heard the rumors plenty of others have about Sean White's shoulder injury being much worse (possibly career ending), but the reliable people I've heard from have said otherwise. Hopefully, this is confirmation that he's ok and will be ready to go in the bowl game. A healthy Sean White makes that a fun game.

On the JUCOs, it's nice to hear Gus praise Stidham's ability to throw the deep ball. I remember when Gus was hired as the OC in 2009 he said he liked to throw the ball deep at least once a quarter. I love having a QB who can reliably hit on those. It's been my one complaint about Sean White. For Sal Canella, I notice Gus mentioned his 1-on-1 performance in the red zone. We need to get back to having a good target to throw to down there, and it looks like that's where they envision Canella.

Will JF3 really stick around and go through Spring Practice competing for the QB job? I have no idea. We'll see.

On Carl Lawson, it's been pretty much a given that he would go pro. Malzahn didn't confirm it specifically, but it's pretty clear he's gone.

Finally, there's the last answer. We know Gus is paranoid. Gus knows he's paranoid. Can you imagine what the #Wakeyleaks scandal has done to his mindset on paranoia? It's probably just vindicated him in his own mind. Then you have to think back to Brent Venables saying he was "tipped off" that Auburn might run some Wing-T concepts (which, I kinda wonder if he read WarRoom Eagle's series on Gus using the Wing-T as a base for his original offense) and think maybe he has a point.

Bowl practice is almost upon us. The football season is almost over. But dang if there's still not fun to be had and things to look forward to and that's really all I can ask for at this point in most any season.