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Link sAUsage: 16 December 2016

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Damn Danjel.
Damn Danjel.
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Whew, what a day. First, there was the news that New Williams would be transferring from Auburn. That's not exactly unexpected since he hasn't seen the court all year so far. He left this great message for Tigers fans, though:

Then there was the basketball game. Which... that as fun.  A lot of fun. Auburn beat former coach Cliff Ellis' Chanticleers 117-72.


Wesley McGriff is heading to Ole Miss to be their defensive coordinator. That kinda stinks. No real word on who might replace him just yet. I'm still holding out hope we can get Corey Raymond from LSU, but we'll see.

Kamryn Pettway has some unfinished business at Auburn. That's one reason he's going to return for his junior season, even though the NFL Draft got a little thinner with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel staying at UGA.

ESPN has already published their season review for Auburn's 2016 campaign before the bowl games. See what they had to say about the best and worst moments, player of the year, plays of the year, etc.