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Auburn vs Mercer Game Open Thread & Austin Wiley Debut

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It's time for Auburn Basketball.

A tiny Austin Wiley eye-balling the cake.
A tiny Austin Wiley eye-balling the cake.

The picture for this article was taken at my brother's wedding in May of 2003. That': little Austin Wiley, standing between his mother Vickie Orr Wiley (just out of frame to the left) and my mother. My mother is all of 5'4" tall, so you can guess how short Austin Wiley is, there.

Now, he towers at 6'11" and is the tallest player on Auburn's basketball team by a few inches. He will play for the first time as a Tiger, today.

I don't know how many minutes he'll get, and it's liable to be a bumpy start given the small amount of practice time he's had, but the future is bright with him as a part of this team. Join us here to talk about the game.

War Eagle!