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Link sAUsage: 19 December 2016

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News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

The Tigers and their coaches celebrate the victory over Mercer
The Tigers and their coaches celebrate the victory over Mercer
Auburn Athletics / AuburnPix


Wow, what a day. To get the unfortunate news out of the way, the ladies came back from being down 9 points with just over a minute to play to send the game against #24 Virginia Tech into overtime. The Tigers couldn't pull it out in OT, though, and fell to the visiting Hokies.

In good news, the men won a close game against Mercer in Auburn Arena. How close was it? About as close as is possible to be. TJ Dunans released the ball with probably .1 seconds left on the clock to drain the buzzer beater against visiting Mercer for the 76-74 victory.

The official site had a ton of stuff on the debut of Auburn legacy Austin Wiley. The best one features the stories of his parents and his route to Auburn basketball.


If you're wondering why there hasn't been a whole lot of info out there on the DB coach front, it's partially because Wesley McGriff is going to stay on nd coach for the bowl game. If you're wondering why he would do that and why Auburn isn't pushing to find a new coach in a hurry, then just remember that we're in a recruiting dead period until after the bowls. The priority will be on making the right hire.

Saturday began the Tigers' preparation for the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma. The previous practices last week were more focused on the younger players. Now, the Tigers are getting ready for the Sooners.

ESPN previews the Sugar Bowl with the way you beat each team, the way they beat you, and other factors.

Of course, there are questions being asked by the pundits about what the signing of Jarrett Stidham means for and to Sean White. I don't see White giving up and transferring or anything. I think he'll fight for the starting job and be there for the team.