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Link sAUsage: 20 December 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Tuco decided to compare the rest of the SEC's non-conference schedules against Auburn's. Why would he do that? Well, if the SEC is a multi-bid league and the committee has to build a resume, then this type of thing will matter.

It's official now that Horace Spencer and Bryce Brown are no longer suspended. They will travel with the team to Connecticut. We do not know if they'll be playing Wednesday night, though.

Anfernee McLemore is a player to keep your eye on. He's also a very special player in another right. The Tigers signed players with plenty of big offers, but McLemore turned down the likes of Stanford and MIT to attend Auburn. Yeah, he's kinda smart.


There are a few bowl games on this week and we have a handy little guide to them. I'll be back on Friday with the games on Friday and Saturday for you.

You know who is feeling good about Auburn's offense going into the Sugar Bowl? Kerryon Johnson, that's who. His goal of a 1,000-yard season is still within reach, too. Will he reach it? He needs 138 yards. I'm going to guess he doesn't, but you never know. If Pettway is still limited (he shouldn't be), then Kerryon could get the bulk of the carries and OU's defense could give up that to one rusher.

With all the talk of players sitting out - and some responding with the fact coaches leave their teams before bowls - Auburn's secondary players are happy Wesley McGriff will be staying with them through the bowl game.

Oh, and if you were hoping for Corey Raymond of LSU to replace McGriff... forget it. LSU inked him to a raise and a new deal last night. Probably because they knew Auburn was coming and was going to offer him more than the $300k he was making at LSU.