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Link sAUsage: 21 December 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Auburn freshman Mustapha Heron is back home for tonight's game. He's a Connecticut native, so you know he's going to be anxious to do as well as possible against the Sooners.

The women are in the Tulane Classic for their final road trip of the Non-Conference season. They're looking to finish the OOC schedule strong before league play begins.


The Sugar Bowl is under two weeks away, so it's time to do a little more analysis on the Tigers' upcoming opponent. AU_Jonesy examined the Sooners' Advanced Stats profile. It tells us what we already knew: their offense is scary and their defense is beatable.

Gus met with the media today for the last time before the team heads to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. He had quite a few things to say about new additions, the health of players, finding a new DB coach, and more.

Auburn's likely top draft picks haven't even thought of sitting out the Sugar Bowl. That's unsurprising. Monty Adams in particular has made it known he wants to use this game - along with Carl Lawson - to leave a bigger legacy of strong Auburn defenses being the norm again.

I don't know exactly how this guy went about figuring his "Hot Seat" rankings, but I have to wonder if it goes from "hottest to coldest" or vice versa. It sure as hell better go coldest to hottest or just be a simple list. Because there's no way Gus Malzahn's seat is hotter than Bret Bielema's or Hugh Freeze's right now. Freeze just missed a bowl game, replaced basically his entire staff, and is facing NCAA issues. Bielema has just consistently under performed. Plus, I don't know what exactly he means by "lose a lot of talent on the defensive line and secondary," because we also return a lot of talent in those positions, too.

Ronnie Brown looks back on the Tigers' last trip to the Sugar Bowl. The conclusion to the memorable 2004 football season.