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Merry Christmas From College and Magnolia

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Good morning, and Merry Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah, as well!

Wherever you are, I hope you're able to spend this day with family and/or friends. It's a day and time to remember that as much as we love Auburn, for many of us there is still something that matters so much more than sports.

This is the only thing going on the site, today (barring something monumentally huge). If something crazy like a recruit committing happens, I'll get to the article when I get to it. Maybe late tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe whenever. Hopefully, that's not going to be the case, though.

Enjoy the day, folks. And, if you're not one to celebrate it, then enjoy the fact that more football is coming tomorrow and the Sugar Bowl is only one week away.

War Eagle and Merry Christmas!