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Link sAUsage: 27 December 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

First off, this may be the only thing on the site, today. I don't see anything in the que from anyone else, and I'm going to be on the road from Williamson, GA to San Antonio, TX from 5:30 am Central to about 10:00 pm Central. I hope. I guess it depends on what traffic is like in Houston. I apologize in advance. I'll be checking my phone every once in a while, though, and if something big happens, I'll let my wife drive and tether the phone so I can write something. Maybe I'll do that anyway. We'll see.


Jared Harper was named the SEC Freshman of the Week. After the role he played in Auburn's two big wins in Connecticut, that really shouldn't be a surprise. The young point guard just continues to get better and better.


If anyone can be said to "bring the funk," then I'm going to bring them up. Marquel Harrell, an Auburn offensive linemen, supposedly "brings the funk," so you should read about it.

For all the talk of players skipping bowl games and wondering if it will become an epidemic, just remember that only three players are known to be doing that right now. Most are like Montravius Adams and Carl Lawson: just wanting another victory with their brothers.

The history of Auburn quarterbacks over the last few seasons has been an interesting one. We could (and might still) write an article on the recruits who disappeared. It would be more on the football side of things, though, not on the life side. One quarterback who has gone through quite the journey is Zeke Pike. caught up with him for an article about his life and struggles.