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Link sAUsage: 30 December 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

I didn't get back home from the Alamo Bowl last night until after midnight and since Army has the day off, I slept in. I got the bowl post up before the games started and wanted to give that some room to breathe before posting the links. Better late than never!

First, though, le's mention that Alamo Bowl. Sadly, it wasn't a competitive game. I did get to fulfill one of those "College Football Bucket List" activities, though. I didn't even think about it leading up to the game until my wife asked why the group of guys wearing jeans and cowboy hats were all stretching and warming up. That's when it hit me and I looked down into the corner and saw the trailer and corral. They brought him out and into the corral and then let him loose just before the game.

Seeing them run him up into that trailer was awesome. I'm still mad at the lady who walked right in front of me at the time, too.


Auburn played basketball last night. It was a whole lot of fun until it wasn't. Dang it.

The highlight of the night was TJ Dunans finding his way into Georgia's team huddle at one point.


Five Tigers were recognized in post-season accolades by


We've got your bowl schedule through New Year's Eve if you need to know what game are on how/when to watch them!

The media were actually allowed to view part of practice, yesterday. They took some pictures and video that shows clear evidence Sean White is, in fact, throwing the football. How much velocity he's throwing with is still in question.

Oklahoma knows Auburn's defense is going to bring the physicality. They're hoping they can match that on offense. They're going to face a determined Auburn D led by players like Deshaun Davis who is ready to show the Tigers earned the trip to New Orleans, they didn't back into it.

#Legatron announced he's coming back for his final year of eligibility (I guess he needs to find a PhD program since I think he already is finishing his Master's) and will enjoy a year with his brother redshirting. Tray Matthews is still weighing his options but leans towards returning. I'd say he needs to come back, personally.

Don't want to listen to Brent and Jesse during the Sugar Bowl? There's going to be an "analytical broadcast" of the game on SEC Network.